On Netflix and Disney +: 3 exciting series to watch tonight

On Netflix and Disney +: 3 exciting series to watch tonight

May the power be with you this May 4 (“Fourth of May” in English for puns)! For the occasion, the editors of CNET France invite you to (re) discover three original series available on Netflix and Disney + streaming platforms, including one that fits perfectly with today’s theme.

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This Wednesday, you can discover the series without further delay Star Wars: The Clone Wars, HardCell and American Vandal.

Which series are you going to watch or watch again on Netflix and Disney + tonight?

An exciting series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Disney +)


Takes place between episodes 2 – Attack of the clones and 3 – Siths revenge of the saga Star wars, this series focuses on the clone wars raging between the separatists and the republic. Jedi knights, including Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, are fighting to maintain order and restore peace as more planets fall into the hands of the dark side.

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In this animated series comes from a feature film from 2008 of the same name, fans of Star wars have the opportunity to find their favorite characters in a crazy adventure to the four corners of the galaxy. Between conflicts with new opponents and the return of emblematic characters from George Lucas’ universe, Clone War offers viewers an epic rich in twists and surprises.

However, if the chosen animation for the series does not necessarily appeal to everyone, we will welcome its desire to explore as much as possible the different environments and creatures that inhabit the galaxy.

The uninitiated in the universe of Star wars will probably be a little lost up front Clone Warwhile those who want to prepare for the return of Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi in his own series at Disney + at the end of the month will be happy to learn more about his journey during the Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars is an animated series that offers stories rooted in the mythology of Star wars as much as more procedural episodes. Enough to satisfy a large audience as long as the latter is interested in what is happening in a galaxy far, far away.

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An offbeat series: Hard Cell (Netflix)


In Woldsley Women’s Prison, a musical is being prepared which will reveal talents as much as allow the inmates to forge new bonds.

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At the crossroads between The office and Orange is the new black, this Catherine Tate creation is as silly as it looks. Presented as a mockumentary, HardCell has Tate himself in the skin of several characters, ranging from the director of the prison to a guard through several inmates.

The actress then appears to be a real chameleon, shifting accents and behaviors from her colorful characters with disturbing ease. HardCell is a comedy with absurd humor, very English, which does not always hit straight.

But if we do not wear hair from the beginning to the end of the series, we do not hide our joy when it offers the viewer touching moments that lift the narrative. The first season is only composed of six short episodes, so it will all entertain you one evening.

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A Crazy Series: American Vandal (Netflix)


Two high school students are leading the investigation as the school’s dunce is expelled for vandalizing several vehicles with phallic images.

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If you’ve had enough of Netflix’s “true crime” docu-series, why not laugh at the formula of this earthly mockumentary? With this story of vandalized cars with drawings of penises, American Vandal invites us to deal with a very absurd subject with all the seriousness of a real documentary.

American Vandal is a successful mockumentary, and we are quickly captivated by the narrative quality of the series, the talent of the actors in its cast and the excitement that arises in each episode.

We enjoy the ridiculousness of the story while appreciating the skill with which the series manages to put its finger on the most serious topics. Innovative and above all very fun, this series unfortunately had no more than two seasons on Netflix, but is still one of its most refreshing programs to watch without hesitation.

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