Landscaping: Create a warm space

Public spaces are increasingly popular places to rest, relax or escape the stress of everyday life. They also represent a city’s showcase for tourists. Do you want to create a warm outdoor space for your local community?

What tricks need to be put in place? What practical advice should be implemented for perfectly landscaped public spaces?

Installation of street furniture for outdoor landscaping

To create a warm space for collective use city ​​furniture is important. It actually allows you to strengthen public space affected to make it more user-friendly, more attractive and more functional. For this purpose, make sure that your street furniture meets certain standards in terms of durability, aesthetics and safety. To do this, do not hesitate to contact an urban furniture supplier. This can help you design your projects in accordance with the guidelines of the policies adopted by your community.

Focus on planters in public spaces

To reveal the aesthetic character of the plants in your outdoor space, install planters. These garden items are available in an infinite number of shapes, materials and colors that correspond to different uses and tastes in relation to layout. Plant boxes highlight the beauty of the flowers they house and also help structure the outdoor space. For this you need to choose them well according to the intended decoration or already present in the room.

Decorate the public space with comfort accessories

To make your outdoor space functional, it needs to be comfortable enough. To do this, for example, opt for outdoor rugs that bring personality to the space as well as to the accessories in it. By placing them near the play areas, these mats will give character to the area and can also accommodate children to play.

As for the furniture in the public space, they should be comfortable and suitable for different types of users. You can e.g. bencheshanging chairs, chairs, but also picnic tables or pallet deck chairs if you have a water area: it will then be comfortable to sunbathe there while enjoying the green surroundings of your public space.

Lighting: essential for a warm and safe public space

A well-appointed outdoor space should also be accessible after dark. To do this, you should also invest in lighting as part of the decor of your outdoor space. We recommend that you carefully choose the locations for your light sources so that they illuminate the room perfectly. You can bet on original lamps for a pleasant result. Garlands, lanterns, hanging lamps in the trees represent original solutions to illuminate this type of space. Consider connecting these light sources to an automatic ignition system.

Maintain your landscaping regularly

In addition to all the arrangements you can make to keep your outdoor space warm, Regular maintenance is essential. This actually allows you to, on the one hand, guarantee a good condition of the units on site, but also to ensure, on the other hand, hygiene.

Maintenance here is to get rid of debris, dust, weeds (if necessary). In some cases, you also need to repaint the furniture, replace certain defective parts or repair them.

To ensure this maintenance, you have the freedom to define the periodicity in relation to the need for maintenance of the equipment present. For tasks like weeding and picking trash, we recommend that you dedicate groups among your community members so that they feel involved and valued.

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