Find out what the little hole on the side of your cell phone is for

Currently, Android smartphones are used in many countries around the world, but few people really know the usefulness of a small hole located on top of the mobile phone.

What is this hole and what is it for?

A mobile phone has many features that are parts of the device that have a crucial role in daily life. It must be said that many people can no longer do without their mobile phone, which allows them to know the time, make payments, shop, order a VTC, send messages or even go to the social networks.

Thanks to an operating system, you can adjust the speaker volume, turn the device on or off. Some devices work with a fingerprint sensor system, others have a USB Type-C port, and some brands have a button that allows you to call Google Assistant. But if you look closely, you will observe that there is a discrepancy that usually goes unnoticed.

Just like there is a hole to remove NanoSIM and MicroSD slot, there is another one on top of the smartphone. But what is this strange hole in the Android smartphone for?

A mysterious location

To begin with, it differs from the NanoSIM and MicroSD slot because when you press it with the key or stick in the box, no tray comes out. Phones usually have a hole in the bottom, near the charging port where the microphone is.

If you imagined that the speaker also had the specificity that it acts as a microphone, you were wrong. Android phones also have another hole in the top, very similar to the bottom. Well, it’s another microphone too, and the special thing about this hole is that it’s responsible for limiting or canceling the noise coming from outside or from your environment. Then your calls become so clear and you hear e.g. not what happens on a construction site or traffic noise. It’s really very practical.

Android, a widely used system

For those who do not know, Android is an open source Google mobile operating system that drives most phones and tablets in the market. Originally, Android was a startup founded by Andy Rubin, which was acquired by the giant Google in 2005. Currently, Android is the largest mobile operating system globally.

This operating system provides access to more than 600,000 applications including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … In addition, Android is an Open Source platform, which means that anyone can make improvements to the operating system. The grip of the phone and its proper functioning depend on this operating system. Samsung phones use the Android operating system but there are versions and it is really important that you know which version is installed on your device.

Today, more and more people are checking their phones. Some are even addicted and consult their device dozens of times a day. It must be said that social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This tool provides direct information. In fact, there are many applications that allow you to read articles and watch videos on YouTube.

Today, it is an essential means of obtaining information. You can also watch live TV or radio. In the world of telephony, there is a lot of competition and every manufacturer is trying to innovate. Apple was a pioneer in this area. It must be said that the arrival of the iPhone was a revolution. The device combines a telephone and internet. Today, it is a model that is common. Prices are relatively high for the new models. Apple is constantly looking to innovate.

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