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elleboss.fr was born out of the desire to offer a solution in line with the need for balance between women’s professional and personal lives and to respond to companies’ current challenges in the search for flexibility in the management of their resources.

With the advent of the micro-entrepreneurship regime, there is an increase of 17.5% in the creation of statuses between 2019 and 2020 (Insee 2020). Self-entrepreneurship has never been so popular since the Covid crisis. However, there is still a gap to fill: only 36% of business leaders are women.

After the first lockdown, 43% of women said they wanted to change their working hours (Madame Figaro). As the observation was very present, it was necessary to offer women a different way of working, for, among other things, more freedom and balance. Companies, for their part, must easily find the skills to meet the challenges of a labor market in perpetual motion. For them, encouraging freelancers is a great way to gain flexibility and agility while controlling their costs.

It is on the basis of these two observations that Juliette Mandrin and Nicolas Jaboulay created elleboss.fra BtoB platform that promotes and values ​​female entrepreneurship by connecting female freelancers with companies.

A positioning that highlights the skills of female freelancers

Developed using proprietary technology, elleboss.fr is a bespoke, humanized and intuitive BtoB platform. Client companies put their assignments online, and female freelancers create their profile to highlight their skills and know-how. Leave your CV on elleboss.fr. Atypical careers and professional experiences are also valued here, but also association life, family, sports are performed..

The typology of ellebosseuses is very broad: from the student to the young pensioner, women in isolated area through young mothers, or even those who return to work after a parental break, elleboss.fr also caters to women, freelancers who have chosen entrepreneurship. as a sustainable framework.

elleboss.fr: a platform for finding tasks with a better balance between professional and personal life

At elleboss.fr, female freelancers find jobs and gain visibility with companies. They benefit from a platform that gives them access to all the tools they need to find a mission and accomplish it.

elleboss.fr goes even further by offering women prices negotiated with its partners, coworking days and training and personal development workshops.. elleboss.fr thus helps women to achieve a better balance in their professional lives, with support dedicated to personal development and training in the service of performance.

Benefits for companies looking for competencies

Meanwhile, corporate customers have access to a digital platform and tailored customer support that allows them to use a range of skills: sales, administration, marketing, communications, web, recruitment, translation, editing, events, etc. Costs are optimized and companies save 20 % in relation to a fixed-term contract, and 40% in relation to temporary work.

elleboss.fr offers them a global solution that allows them to ease their workload while guaranteeing hourly rates in line with ellebosseuse’s needs.

The values ​​of elleboss.fr

The elleboss.fr platform was built on the values ​​of trust, sharing, commitment and accessibility that its founders carry. She is :

  • socially engaged, and supports solidarity causes such as the association Les Enfants du Désert, the French Red Cross and the Pink Ribbon.
  • Environmentally responsible and respects the environment in his actions and his daily life.
  • Sponsor of the Roses des Sables Trophya 100% women’s meeting honoring solidarity and self-transcendence.

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