Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: How Many Post-Credit Scenes Does Sam Raimi’s Movie Have?

Yes, after Spider-Man: No Way Home “and” Morbiusthe time has finally come for fans to check out the long awaited new wonder movie entitled ” Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness “WHO out in the cinema today . It’s about second film centered on the character of Mr. Strange released in 2016 and which was directed by Sam Raimi (Evil death). This new movie will of course look back Benedict Cumberbatch as our favorite wizard while walking on an incredible multiversal adventurewith Wong, Scarlet Witch, America Chavez as well as its variants (like what we saw in “Loki“). And this time, fans of MCU superheroes will finally be able to experience the full potential of Marvel Multiverse in this feature film. The question now being asked, however, is whether Doctor Strange 2» have a post-credit scene waiting for us as usual and if so, How much ? That’s exactly what we’ll tell you about in this article ( without spoiler of course).

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness

We are entitled to two scenes after the end of the film

As you already know, the big mess in the multiverse that Mr. Strange caused in ” Spider-Man: No Way Homewill largely be the basis of the plot of ” Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness “. As a result, the film will introduce many characters and variants from other universes like what we saw last time.” Spider Man»And in the series« Loki As a result, the production decided to make us discover, not one, but two scenes after the end of his film to lay the foundation for this multiverse of madness . The first post-credit scene is, of course a kind of teaser of what the sequel has in store for us probably from the movie ” Doctor Strange “in the future. It also follows the events that happen at the end of the film.

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness

This scene is likely to lead to a ” Doctor Strange 3 »Or on the date we will see benedict Cumberbatch put on again famous magic red cloak . The second scene takes place right after the first stylized texts, like most Marvel teasers. Unlike the first scene, this one rather reminds usan earlier moment in the film . It’s a fun nod to the audience, though which has no bearing on historyin its entirety. In short, like previous Marvel movies, ” Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness “continues famous tradition of post-credit scenes . The first is usually an announcement of an upcoming opus, while the second is often a small one Easter eggsfun or a reminder to fans.

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness

The initial reactions describe the film as macabre, strange and spectacular

You probably already suspect that, though the premiere of the long-awaited film has already taken place and first spectatorsHas already shared their opinions as well as their reactions on social networks. And the first statements about ” Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness is very encouraging because terrible roots of Sam Raimi manages to bring unique style and feel to this new Marvel movie. On top of that, we learn in this feature film the existence of the multiverse and the reality of the dangers of its collapse. In fact, it is very difficult to travel through the multiverse, and only a few are able to fight this threat that leads toWizard Supremeas well asMr. Strangetrying to maintain order. ThatAvengers protect the EarththatGuardians of the Galaxy fight to protect the galaxyandWizards from Kamar-Taj fight against supernatural threats from other universes. We have therefore decided toGather some reactions from critics as well as viewers below.who had the chance to see this movie that will shake the MCU first:

Otherwise, remember thatDoctor Strange in the multiverse of madness‘Was produced bySam Raimi(which we owe the Evil Dead franchise). The film offersBenedict Cumberbatch(Doctor Strange),Rachel McAdams(Christine Palmer)Chiwetel Ejiofor(Karl Mordo)Benedict Wong(Wong) andXochitl Gomez(America Chávez). The film will be shown dcinemas in France from 4 May 2022.

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