An old and rare car made in Castres in the 1920s sold at auction this Saturday

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On Saturday, a Voisin C4S made by a bodybuilder in Castres in 1924 and belonging to a wealthy textile industry man in the region is priced on Saturday. A rare vehicle.

It is a rare piece that allows you to dive back into the history of Castres, which will be auctioned on Saturday by Stanislas Machoïr studio in Toulouse at the Château de Lasserre in Montastruc-La-Conseillère. A Voisin car made in the 1920s in Castres and formerly owned by a local industrialist will be presented for an estimate between € 60,000 and 80,000. But bids are likely to rise.
Gabriel Voisin (1880-1973) along with his brother Charles is one of the most famous pioneers in aviation in the early 20th century. He founded factories with Louis Blériot, the famous aviator. After a commercial success during the first war with 10,400 aircraft produced, he launched the car in 1919 with the C1. In 1921, the C4, which will be produced until December 1925 in 900 copies, released the bare chassis. Produced with a 1,248 cc engine, it is released from September 25, 1923 with a more powerful 1,328 cc engine under the name C4 S. The car, which was auctioned on Saturday, is the last produced C4 S.
This last frame would have been planned for Louis Blériot, always a friend, but eventually it was acquired by a rich textile industrialist in Roquecourbe: Henri Fabre de Massaguel. He entrusted the chassis to a coachbuilder from Castre’s “La Carrosserie Castraise”, who produced an elegant coupe de ville, which can be called “Fiacre”, because its cut resembles the Bugatti 44 “Fiacre”. It can also be compared to the Voisin “Valse Bleue” from the Marcel collection, clad by Lyonnais Simon Pralavorio (built as a historical monument, estimated at € 130,000 at a sale in 2019).
At the time, both Castres and Mazamet were thriving textile capitals. Local manufacturers owned luxury cars, Bugatti, Voisin, and encouraged bodybuilders to make their purchase of bare chassis. Castres in the 1920s were then known for these luxurious bodybuilders.
The car remained in its owner’s hands for 50 years before leaving the family factory in Tarn and being sold to a lover of fine cars from Gers who had just passed away. This auction is actually part of a succession.

In super condition

The car was restored more than 40 years ago and is in excellent condition, but it requires a mechanical overhaul for road use. A rare piece, in its original state without transformation. The end of the end: it is accompanied by its small wicker basket with snacks with jugs, heater and porcelain cups.
“Five years ago, we auctioned a Voisin C18 coupe for a sum of € 900,000, a unique car, an unbeatable world record, entrusts the auctioneer, who, however, does not expect the Voisin castrate, which was presented on Saturday, to be auctioned for such a high a price. The car we present, also unique to a C4 S, remains within reach of many collectors. “
The car can already be seen at the Château de Lasserre in Montastruc-La-Conseillère. And the auction can take place on site, by phone or online.

A unique 4 CV beach made in Tarn also at auction

Another car from Tarn will also be put up for sale on Saturday. A Renault 4 CV pest made in 1956 by the famous bodybuilder Ghia (only about fifty), a popular car that has become a luxury must-have for the Jet-Set. The presented model has been completely redesigned in a unique way down to the smallest detail by a passionate enthusiast from the Lavaur region. It is in practically new condition. “A real marvel when you know that there can only be less than ten left,” confides the auctioneer, who set the price at between € 20,000 and € 25,000. If we count the working hours spent on it, this realization would have cost 50,000 to 60,000 € ”.

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