5 business ideas for establishing in Switzerland

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland and its 26 cantons attract many entrepreneurs in search of prosperity. Today, it is an ultra-competitive destination with alluring advantages. A stable economic climate, high quality of life, favorable taxation and international agreements. No wonder people choose Switzerland to set up their business. Also, if you lack ideas, know that you have enough to be creative. In the land of cheese and chocolate, we know how to draw inspiration from concepts that work elsewhere to create an innovative and original business! To help you here are 5 business ideas you can create in Switzerland.

An Airbnb for animals

We are not the only ones who require comfort when we are on the go. Our four-legged friends are also entitled to their dream vacation. At least that’s the idea some owners have had when looking for where to leave their dog before embarking on a journey away from home. This is how specialized applications for pet care originated in Switzerland. Are you looking for someone to see and walk your dog while you are away? Find the gem at a dog care facility. Would you like to place him in a nursing home? Leave your dog to a family close to you. By 2020, there will be no less than eight million pets in Switzerland. Grand View Research’s study from March 2018 predicts that the market for pet care will grow by 5% per year globally. In short, it’s time to strike through!

Well, we are not yet at the hotels for dogs and cats that abound in Japan, but who knows, you might be able to launch this new concept in Switzerland?

A freelance escort platform

Employee by day, escort by night. Here is the busy everyday life of many Swiss women who have decided to take the plunge by entering the world of elegant prostitution. They work in an agency or freelance, have a work permit and pay their taxes. For yes, escort girl work is legal in Switzerland, unlike in France. You can easily set up your own agency, or as the innovative start-up BemyGirl, create a digital escort platform for self-employed people. It provides the opportunity to meet in person an escort girl in Geneva or Zurich, contacted directly on the website. In Geneva or Zurich, brunette or blonde, small or tall … and even (small news) vaccinated or not from Covid-19. BemyGirl leaves the choice to the customer, who explores the profiles and considers the photos, all taken during a professional photo shoot. Another peculiarity of the start-up: it does not take any commission on appointments. A thriving business that has something to look forward to in Switzerland.

On-demand gardening

A lawn to mow? Pick up leaves? Grab your phone and order an online gardening. No need to pick up a professional gardener for a small snow removal job in a driveway, make a one-time request online. In less than an hour you are done! Gardening on demand between individuals you should think about it. In Switzerland, business is a hit. Mobile applications now make it possible to find a non-professional according to their skills and availability. Appointments and payments are made via the digital platform. A way for owners to easily hire someone at low cost while avoiding moonlight. And an interesting way for budding gardeners to increase their income with small nature jobs. A great idea to go green!

Make local businesses visible

Consuming locally is fashionable, it’s good for the environment and it’s a gesture for small shoppers. In Switzerland, great emphasis is placed on systems that facilitate the connection between residents and neighborhood businesses. Some concepts were born in the United States, as is the case with the RainLocal company, which had the idea of ​​playing on the geolocation available on smartphones. What did she say to herself? That the problem simply came from the fact that people did not necessarily know the stores that were established near their homes. In our daily routine, we do not necessarily have the idea of ​​walking around the neighborhood. We always go the same way. So RainLocal came up with an idea: Let local businesses advertise on the thousands of apps and websites they use every day. This ad will appear as soon as the person passes near that store.

Uber for small shoppers

Still with the same theme, in 2015 a French company set up collaborative delivery. How does it work? It is simple. The idea is to offer individuals to deliver packages instead of traditional delivery services. They pick it up in the store and bring it to the customer. A great way to make daily trips profitable for individuals while helping local businesses. The goal, of course, is to concentrate in a limited area. Ideally, when you get home from work. For the means of transport, it is what the carrier wants: car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot. Everything is done to make life easier for merchants, retailers and customers. It is a business that works very well in big cities. Why not launch the concept in Zurich or Geneva?

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