Your dream car served on a platter

By abolishing physical boundaries, new technologies and the collaborative economy have changed consumer habits. For almost ten years, many companies have digitized their services to become “Bricks and Clicks”. At the same time, they have developed applications that provide continuous access to their offerings. The smartphone, a real starting point for brands, has become the flagship e-commerce broadcast: in 2020, sales from a smartphone represented 17.5 billion euros, ie. +95% growth between 2018 and 2020(1). Buy very often made after researching online. A general trend, including in the automotive industry: 80% (2) of the French say they are sensitive to fire releases on social networks, publications that are crucial for many when it comes to choosing their future car model.

Gone are the days when owning a car was a sign of social success. In the age of diversity, the joy of using the pride of ownership prevails. As proof, mode of long-term lease or LOA (lease with option to buy) formulas. A trend that Alexis Berthoud and Thibaud Carrai grabbed on the go, by creating JoinSteer in 2019, a high-end car rental platform. These two automotive and mechanical enthusiasts met on the benches of ESTACA (The Higher School of Aeronautical Techniques and Automotive Construction). After 10 years in entrepreneurship, investment banking and industry, one thing became obvious to them: the absence of relevant offers in the premium car market. Today, the rigidity, lack of transparency and complexity of the car distribution market hold the consumer back in the buying decision. With the creation of JoinSteer, the two men broke the codes of the traditional car market by simplifying the acquisition of a luxury car, new or used. An innovation in the leasing market, until now almost reserved for the market for new vehicles.

An all-in-one offer

The upheavals in purchasing methods have given rise to new purchasing and payment formulas. Over the past five years, the subscription business model has exploded: 42% of French people use it for transport (3). New ways of consuming that simplify their daily lives, but also give them access to goods that they thought were inaccessible. Alexis Berthoud, co-founder of JoinSteer, is aware of this: ” Consumption patterns and needs have evolved with the advent of millennials, and the principle of ownership is disappearing to give way to subscription or rental solutions. Subscription models, especially streaming platforms, have ushered in a new era. At JoinSteer, it will be possible to subscribe to rental offers for vehicles in stock at partner dealers. With a few clicks, you will be the happy user of your dream car. A welcome alternative to the solutions offered by traditional retailers. With a single monthly rate, this “all-in-one” offer at the best price is aimed at both private and professional. To this flexibility in terms of payment comes the desire to replace equipment easily and regularly, giving rise to monthly offers. Long live the freedom found. We want to cut ourselves on board a beautiful car, relieved of the worry of a loan over several years. And from the 13thand months, if we want, we can change model or brand. It must be said that it is tempting in light of the catalog that JoinSteer offers: Audi, Mini, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Range Rover, Volvo, Lamborghini … Prestigious brands and 5000 cars selected by experts and friends from JoinSteer Pilots, coaches, engineers … – who guarantee the best.

Joinsteer, an attentive travel companion

By offering a digital platform with a range of vehicles, new and used that can be fully customized, we are entering JoinSteer in an era of ultra personalization.. The user experience and consideration for everyone’s wishes are at the center of their attention. The joy of the road is yours, JoinSteer takes care of everything: financing, insurance with extended warranty, maintenance. Additional services that guarantee maximum peace of mind, in any case. Thanks to the maintenance contracts offered by the platform, there is no longer any need to worry about possible crashes and the consequent repairs. Everything is actually included as an option. The maintenance contracts and the warranty make it possible to integrate the maintenance costs into the monthly rent. Once you have selected your car, JoinSteer will offer you a “tailor-made” rental, according to your criteria: duration of the contract, desired annual mileage, takeover or not of the old vehicle or the date of delivery to your home. A single interlocutor will be dedicated to you to accompany you through the entire operation until your car arrives in front of your door. With no upfront cost, the invoice is already paid when the customer arrives to pick up his vehicle. Joinsteer can also integrate options such as loan car or 0 km roadside assistance. Everything is therefore planned in advance so that the customer is calm and only has to make full use of his vehicle without ever worrying about restrictions. Until turnkey delivery, in less than 7 days from the signing of the contract, provided by carriers specializing in the transport of advanced vehicles. Dream cars from 299 euros a month, and constantly optimized rent, thanks to the power of big data and the passionate expertise of JoinSteer.

We hurry to find JoinSteer (and find them in full preparation for a loyalty program rich in privileges, months offered on your subscription to participate in the next French Grand Prix at the Circuit Paul Ricard at Le Castellet)


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(3) Audirep analysis performed on a sample of 1,000 persons representative of the French population and aged 18 and over – 2019.

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