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They work in the shadows of the Elysée, in full light on the political scene or in civil society: Emmanuel Macron is dependent on men and women – less numerous – with different backgrounds to preside over France for five years and lead the presidential campaign.

The Elysée team

– Alexis Kohler. He is the right arm of the president, which he has been true to for eight years. This 49-year-old senior official is extremely discreet and stays away from the media and has held the strategic position of Secretary-General of the Elysée since the start of the five-year term. He is installed in an office next to the President and manages daily emergencies, major economic and social issues, but also political ones, and ” keep the house when Emmanuel Macron is on the move. He has been the subject of a judicial inquiry since June 2020 regarding his links with the Italian-Swiss shipowner MSC, and of a PNF inquiry opened in June 2021 on suspicion of ” Bribery around the Veolia-Suez merger.

-Brigitte Macron. She has no official function on the Elysée and presents her role as “the president’s wife“. But her influence is great by her side, according to those around them, and she has publicly admitted that she has sometimes had exchanges. ” muscular ” with him.

– Office. It consists of about 60 people and has been deeply renewed several times since 2017. Some of them ensure the smooth functioning of the Elysée, such as Cabinet Director Patrick Strzoda, while others recruited for their expertise advise the President on major issues such as security, employment or culture. Very influential, the diplomatic pole includes a dozen diplomats, led by Emmanuel Bonne, ” sherpa by the President to major international meetings.

Among the advisers closest to Emmanuel Macron are Jonathan Guémas, who is in charge of speaking, Clément Léonarduzzi, who has taken over the communications, and Bruno Roger-Petit, a former journalist who oversees memory issues.

Finally, Emmanuel Macron can count on a relative in Matignon, his wedding witness: economist Marc Ferracci, adviser in charge of overseeing the recovery plan with Jean Castex.


They do not have an office at the Elysée, but have their entrances there or exchange by phone, SMS or on the social networking loops with the president. They come from the right, center or left and have joined Emmanuel Macron before or since the 2017 victory.

Some of them look like ” grunts experienced in political struggle, as François Bayrou, former presidential candidate and head of the modem, who has the authority to say what he thinks about the head of state and sometimes openly express his disagreements.

Among the other elected representatives from the old world »Before 2017 include Richard Ferrand, ex-socialist who chairs the National Assembly, the head of the Deputies En Marche Christophe Castaner or the ministers stamped on the right such as those from the economy Bruno Le Maire, the interior minister Gérald Darmanin and overseas ministers Sébastien Lecornu.

Young members of the government, such as Clément Beaune, Julien Denormandie and Gabriel Attal, also have a growing influence.

The political expertise of Thierry Solère, deputy from the right, and Stéphane Séjourné, chair of the Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament, are also sought after by Emmanuel Macron.

Without appearing in public, certain pillars of the 2017 campaign continue to weigh, such as former adviser David Amiel or Grégoire Potton coordinating the campaign, in which Deputy Roland Lescure and former Deputy Secretary-General of the Elysée also play an important role. Anne de Bayser.

Outdoor sensors

suspicious of ” bubble politics, Emmanuel Macron also seeks to consult personalities from civilian life, whether in business, digital, culture or even sports.

Like Jean-Marc Dumontet, head of several Parisian theaters, host Stéphane Bern on the legacy or head of the social and solidarity economics group Jean-Marc Borello. The family tradition obliges, he also appreciates the exchanges with doctors.

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