What business is being created around the World Cup?

Let’s put it this way: the FIFA World Cup is still one of the most exciting events and one of the most fascinating on the planet. At least that’s the case for billions of fans around the world. If this global buzz makes football fans happy, we can say the same about the companies created around this event. What exactly is it?

Tourism, first affected

The first sector in which companies achieve an excellent turnover is tourism. In good time before the launch of the World Cup, travel agents offer very attractive packages, including accommodation, airline tickets, airport transfers and all-inclusive packages at luxury hotels. It is therefore a huge economic boost in the field of tourism.

Pubs, cafes and events

Other companies that benefit from the World Cup are primarily pubs and cafes. Watching matches live on the big screen, accompanied by friends, has become a real tradition in some countries … To satisfy football fans, pubs hold special evenings. On the menu sports debates, shouts of honor, tears and of course … beer (or other drinks)! Events are also touched by the FIFA world, especially during the opening and closing ceremonies, marked by the stars’ famous songs.

Appliances and sports shops

While some welcome the idea of ​​watching a game on the big screen, others prefer to invest in a true high definition TV. And yes, nothing beats a delicious flat screen TV in the living room, popcorn and a FIFA game … This is where white goods stores come into the picture. It should be noted that the acts of communication are numerous and that it is not uncommon to have campaigns at present. This approach has proven to be very lucrative for the sector.

As for sports equipment stores, they occupy a fairly significant place in the World Cup economy. Sales counters tend to explode, especially when it comes to custom jerseys, balls, sports shoes and other equipment. Moreover, a fan who follows this event closely will never go out without wearing his favorite shirt!

A world of advertising and broadcasting rights

For months we will find a touch of the World Cup everywhere … On our drinking bottles, on buses, on billboards or even on the internet there will be a real barrage of advertisements. Note that franchise companies such as Adidas, Coca-Cola, Kia Motors, Emirates, Visa, Sony and Castrol are among the many regular partners and sponsors of FIFA. Thanks to ads, these companies are able to attract more customers and thus increase their revenue. Some TV channels, for their part, have managed to seize the rights to broadcast matches live. A privilege that significantly enhances their recipes.

Panini stickers

Even before the launch of FIFA, both young and old had fun collecting Panini badges. The World Cup album usually had hundreds of places to fill with stickers, all on almost a hundred pages. Panini seems to have found the magic formula to entertain football fans. Meetings are even held generally in the framework of the exchange of stickers. An initiative that brings him a large sum of money.

World Cup, job creator

In addition to bringing entertainment to life, the 2014 World Cup also contributes to job creation. In Brazil, the numbers rose to 730,000 jobs, including 330,000 permanent and 400,000 temporary. The numbers for the next cup should not be much different this year, so much so to say to each other, the countries are not fighting for its organization for nothing, although it is admitted, it is above all a matter of having an influence internationally during the event .

With all the buzz it creates around it, FIFA is still the most popular event in the world. It’s up to you to figure out how to enjoy it next time.

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