What are the most fuel efficient cars?

For several months, fuel prices have been steadily rising. Faced with this inflation, here are some car models whose fuel consumption is lower.

For several months now, France has been experiencing a sharp rise in fuel prices. And this has been highlighted since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Prices that then exceeded 2 euros per. liters of fuel. Result ? A drunk who stays overpriced and which, above all, has become a real luxury for the French. While for some it is important to travel by car.

Faced with this price increase all means are good to try to limit fuel consumption. Cars electric or hybrids, switch to superethanol E85 with the small box, newer cars … Every solution is good to take to limit the cost. If the government has announced discount on the price per. liters of fuel in an attempt to alleviate the situation, prices will still remain high.

So to those who would consider to invest in a new vehicle short, here are some car models that are less fuel intensive. City cars, family cars, SUVs … do not panic, there is something for everyone. These models were identified by calculating the cost price over 1000 km based on their average consumption. All with the rates in effect on March 18, 2022.

The inhabitants of the city

With a Dacia Spring Comfort Plus44 horses and its electric motorization, it is necessary to count a cost with the use of 31 euros for 1,000 km. Still on Dacia, the Sandero 1.0 Eco G-Comfort100 horsepower and LPG, you have to pay here 76 euros for 1,000 km.

With 63 euros for 1,000 km Ford Fiesta 1.0 Flexifuel Cool & Connect, 95 horsepower and its E85 carburetor is cheaper than the cheap thermal city car. Nevertheless, the American acts at a level of € 18,890 against € 13,490 to Sandero.

At Renault, thanks to an LPG engine for 78 euros for 1,000 km Clio 1.0 TCe LPG Intens with 100 horsepower and LPG. Finally, the last city car is one Toyota Yaris Hybrid design116 horsepower and hybrid which will consume 93 euros of fuel for 1,000 km.

The compactors

On the compact side we find Citroën C4 1.5 BlueHDI Feel pack, 110 horsepower and therefore diesel. It is the one in use is the most sober with a cost price of 97 euros for 1,000 km.

With a Toyota Corolla 1.8 hybrid sports design, 122 horsepower and hybrid, consumption is 106 euros for 1,000 km. In the house of Peugeot, 308 1.2 PureTech Active Pack110 horsepower, petrol you have to pay 118 euros for 1,000 km. Upgrade with Mercedes A-Class 250e AMG line218 horsepower and hybrid: 127 euros for 1,000 km.

Finally with one Volkswagen Golf 1.5 eTSI DSG7 styling150 horsepower, petrol, count 118 euros for 1,000 km.


For family cars Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus325 horsepower and electric, requires a more than controlled budget with the cost of recharging: 27 euros for 1000 km.

For heat engines, with 89 euros for 1,000 kmwe find Skoda Octavia 2.O TDI ambition116 horsepower and diesel.

On the side of Dacia, that Jogger 1.0 Eco-G comfort 7 seats100 horsepower and LPG consumer 92 euros for 1,000 km. Another tricolor with Peugeot 508 1.5 BlueHDI EAT8 Allure130 horsepower and diesel, it takes 102 euros for 1,000 km.

Finally, the latest family model, the Mercedes C-Class 220 Avant-Garde Line200 horsepower and diesel: 106 euros for 1,000 km.

Urban SUVs

For those who want a city SUV, the consumption of certain models is relatively low.

This is especially the case Ford Puma Flexifuel Titanium X, 125 horsepower, E85. It only requires 66 euros for 1,000 km.

that Dacia Duster 1.5 blue dCI 4 * 2 comfort 115 hp and diesel, meanwhile spending 102 euros 1,000 km.

In the house of Toyota, Yaris cross hybrid 2WD, 116 horsepower, hybrid is at 110 euros for 1,000 km. For one Suzuki Vitara 1.4 boosterjet privilege129 horsepower, petrol: 118 euro for 1000 km.

Finally, a Renault Captur 1.6 E-tech RS line145 horsepower and hybrid consumes 124 euros for 1,000 km.

Compact SUVs

Last category, compact SUVs. The models BMW X1 18d sDrive BVA8 Lounge150 horsepower and diesel is 112 euros for 1,000 km.

In the house of Renault, Arkana 1.6 E-Tech RS line, 145 horsepower and hybrid costs 122 euros for 1,000 km. For one Ford Kuga 2.5 duratec PHEV eCVT ST225 horsepower and hybrid it takes 129 euros for 1,000 km.

In the house of Toyota, RAV4 2.5 hybrid 2WD dynamic218 horsepower and hybrid, consumption is 129 euros for 1,000 km.

Finally, the ultimate model, the Peugeot 3008 PHEV225 horsepower, hybrid: 147 euros for 1,000 km.

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