UPS wants to launch its metaverse delivery service

UPS wants to get into the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFT)

UPS, the major U.S. parcel delivery company, is aiming to get into the meta-verse. Michael Kondoudis, a specialist lawyer, explains that he spotted several trademark requests related to the metaverse in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database. UPS has registered several distinctive elements of its trademark, such as its logo and terms such as “United Parcel Services” and “UPS Store”.

The case files that the lawyer has consulted describe in particular a delivery and shipping service available from the meta-verse. UPS obviously wants to allow its customers to schedule the shipment of a package through an interface available in virtual or augmented reality. The documents say nothing more about UPS’s ambitions at this point.

According to the applications, UPS also wants to enter the market for non-fungible tokens (NFT). The documents that the company has submitted actually mention virtual department stores in the form of NFTs, including collectibles, clothing, vehicles, packages, aircraft and sports accessories. The description, deliberately vague, reveals UPS’s interest in the certified digital assets sector on the blockchain.

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Marks flow to the metaverse

For Michael Kondoudis, these deposits show UPS interest in the meta verse. As many other companies reflect, the US carrier is actively preparing for the emergence of digital worlds accessible via a virtual or augmented reality headset. The lawyer is interviewed by our colleagues from ExpertClick and explains:

“UPS is a global shipping and delivery brand, and the value of its brands is significant. […] It is clear that UPS sees the potential in the meta-verse. “

According to him, the attractiveness of UPS shows “of a new trend in trademark applications related to NFTs and the meta-verse in the shipping, logistics and parcel delivery industry”. Specifically, other big names in the sector should follow in the footsteps of UPS in the near future. The number of trademark applications should explode within the next 12 months, the lawyer predicts.

Since Facebook became Meta, many brands of world-renowned have turned to the metaverse. Recently, Mastercard has also filed several patents dedicated to digital worlds and NFTs. This is also the case with American Express and Monster Energy.

Other companies have gone even further by tying partnerships with companies in the blockchain sector and the meta-verse. For example, AXA France and the Casino Group have established themselves in the virtual universe of The Sandbox (SAND).

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