Top 4 best luxury car brands

Ferrari, Mercedes, Cabriolet … who does not want to drive a luxury car? Beautiful luxury cars are prestige cars offered by the biggest brands to a particular category of customers, due to their rather high price. But for small budgets, it is quite possible to find a used luxury car at an affordable price. What are the best luxury car brands in 2021? What is the most beautiful model? What about used cars? Here is a small zoom on the subject.

What are the luxury car brands?

There are a large number of luxury car models offered for sale in the market. If some prefer to rent for a wedding or other prestigious event, those who can afford to buy it for enrich their collection.

Are you looking for your dream car? Discover our selection of 4 best brands of luxury cars in the car market.

1-Rolls-Royce motor vehicles

The manufacturer’s logo says a lot about its luxury car models: ” Best car in the world The goal of the brand is to offer its customers perfection Rolls-Royce cars is now owned by the German car manufacturing giant BMW, with a strong reputation for being the best at designing beautiful luxury cars.

Rolls Royce


Founded in 1963, the Lamborghini brand was created by Ferruccio Lamborghini beautiful cars, read this article: Caterham) . It is without a doubt one of the luxury car brands the most popular in the world. Originally, the manufacturer launched its brand to compete with the car brands Ferrari and Maserati and propelled it. at the top of the rankings years later.


Ferrari is a brand that has its place in this top 4. Created in 1929 by Enzo Ferrariproduces branded models that combine luxury performance and image. And that’s not surprising. With each release of a new model, sales skyrocket, allowing the brand to greatly increase its visibility and preserve its fame on the market.


Bugatti is a car brand of French origin. The Bugatti Chiron model was even in 2020 named the fastest in the world, as it entered the category of sports cars. Fantastic design, unique acceleration and unique power, undeniable assets which enabled him to climb this ranking.

What is the most beautiful luxury car?

You are definitely wondering which luxury car model is the most beautiful in the whole world (a related article on this topic: luxury car). Well, that’s for sure Hennessey Venom GT, a sports model. Accelerating from 0 to 300 km / h in 13.63 seconds, it’s a little wonder that never ceases to impress these last years. There is only a limited edition worldwide, with only 13 copies. And the rather expensive price shows that the luxury car is not for everyone.

What price for a luxury car?

A luxury car costs more than 30,000 euros. According to the insurance companies, it is from this price that cars are considered luxury. But we know that the prices of the biggest brands of prestige cars can go up to several million euros.

What are high-end cars?

High-end cars are extraordinary cars whose price exceeds 75,000 Euros upon purchase. For those who have one between budgetthere is no shortage of advanced car makes and models on the market: Aston-Martin, sedan, SUV, range Rover, Ford, etc.

Which used luxury car should you choose?

Today, luxury cars are no longer just for the wealthy. It is quite possible to find rare used cars at low prices. To help you choose, here a small selection of the best used cars:

  • Audi A8 D3, with a beautiful engine;
  • Audi A8 D4a model from the brand Audi with a fairly simple design, but comfortable to look at;
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220whose production took place between 1998 and 2005, a good buy;
  • BMW 7 Series Type E38a beautiful car that remained in the hearts of BMW fans;
  • Jaguar XJ Type X300 and X308a premium sedan among the most popular on the used market.

The proposed models cost less than 20,000 euros. However, be sure to consider the repair options before embarking on a purchase.

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