This company can track over 3 billion mobile phones worldwide

An illegal practice?

The news is impressive. A company alone can determine the position of three billion smartphones in the world. Their technique is simple as they are based on the data sold by the applications. This data is important for advertisers as it enables them to properly target their marketing campaigns. Data editing is performed every day and is often sold afterwards. Therefore, it is all our personal data that circulates without any kind of transparency in this capitalist ecosystem.

Phones: In theory, the data is anonymous. But given the impressive volume, it should not be very difficult to reveal the identity of the users. Moreover, Anomaly Six proves it, as the company can determine the routes of billions of people using their data. What to know their exact address and their place of work. The company is fearless as it reveals, for example, the journeys of people working for NASA and the CIA. Even more impressively, the company even reveals in its sales speech the movements of an American aircraft carrier, a Chinese submarine and Russian mercenaries employed by the Wagner company. Sometimes it takes less to create a world order conflict.

But this practice remains illegal, even in the United States, which is less strict than France. After all, the 4th amendment of the Constitution protects the privacy of citizens in relation to the state.

Phones: privacy and the internet, two incompatible?

In just a few years, the Internet has changed our lives and our way of working. The Internet facilitates an entire administration, to such an extent that everything is now dematerialized. Our personal information is thus found on protected official websites, such as CAF, employment center or even clinics, which send us directly on a web page results of blood tests, ultrasound or other. Reputation is found in life, but also on the Internet. We are talking about e-reputation. According to a survey by CNIL in 2014, 35% of recruitment staff have already rejected a candidate for a position due to a negative e-reputation. Crimes related to identity theft have also increased due to the internet.

Phones: Today, companies like Facebook or Twitter have a power that is no longer provable. People can lose their jobs because of a tweet written years ago. We remember the controversy surrounding Mennel, this singer who started her career on the set for The Voice. However, people are digging up old conspiratorial tweets regarding the attacks on July 14, 2016 in Nice. As a result, Mennel was kicked off the show, even though she was only a teenager at the time of writing these tweets, and conspiracy is not punishable by law in any way (at least not as part of his tweets).

French law is very strict in terms of data processing and requires companies to respect the anonymity of users. ” USe are the independent authorities of each state (in France, CNIL) which monitors the application of data protection law. They have investigative powers and may impose remedial action in the event of a breach. They provide expert advice on data protection issues and deal with complaints about breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation and national data protection laws.“, We can read on the government’s website.

Telephones: Companies therefore have duties, starting with “respect the principle of the protection of personal data and the privacy imposed by the rules, from the design of any project”; ” to be able to prove that the processing of personal data is in accordance with applicable rules, in particular by complying with codes of conduct and obtaining certification ” .

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