THING builds Metaverse platform to recruit global NFTs

Hong Kong, China, April 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The THING community has recently built a global Metaverse platform and plans to invite a number of domestic and foreign large-scale games and related industrial COPD, as well as related NFTs . artists to settle in. At present, the main business direction for platform content includes: investing and implementing leading NFT platforms and works, incubating top NFT artists, building bridges that allow the best traditional artists to enter NFT ; build a Metaverse gaming platform, etc.

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Commenting on future trends, the founder of the THING community said: “The NFT market will continue to grow and expand by 2022. Most NFTs will see a wide range of use cases in addition to their aesthetic appearance. These include the most likely to be discussed and introduced in blockchain financial and DAO mechanisms by NFTs in the economy offer more utility to meet the needs of participants.The amount of innovation in the NFT field is expected to be the most influential and become the next generation of blockchain killers after Bitcoin.

THING is an NFT + GameFi + SocialFi Metaverse community eco-platform, which was officially launched in December 2021. At the beginning of the whole project, NFT is the first step in the whole ecology. Right now, the community has released exclusive NFTs as well as amazing storylines and gameplay schedules.

In the THING story, it is revealed that a mysterious Mayan family has always existed on the ancient continent. People do not know where they come from, but since their appearance, in every era, there is a person who can know the past and present life from one day to the next, and his expression can guide people’s future direction. He passed on the fame of the Maya family and became the most respected existence of the mainland race. And these different types of NFTs represent different types of mysterious gentlemen.

At present, THING NFTs are divided into several types and different types have different uses. Global functions include gathering prophecy information, mystery box airdrops, games, publishing works, and game development.

Unique THING NFT architectural design

In the early markets, many NFT projects did not have long-term plans for the future development path, and their vitality was relatively short, and even many projects relied only on a wave of publicity, after short-term popularity, the whole project disappeared; This unhealthy ecology is difficult to maintain in the long run.

THING breaks with the thinking that lies in architectural design. What he wants to create is a social platform for fair participation. On this platform, everyone can use their own benefits to promote the best development of the project. Everyone on the platform can decide how they want to participate. What THING does for you is provide you with the tools and resources to realize your value.

Users who have been exposed to some early projects will know that in the traditional model, NFT is only part of the game’s business model, and it’s hard to create more value alone.

Take the initiative to launch a new social gaming + NFT model on the THING platform to promote mutual benefits and win-win results. Games are only part of this platform and NFTs have their own value. Technology, as a means of achievement, jointly created Metaverse. On the THING platform, games are used only as media and cannot create real value. If players want to benefit from it, they need to participate in community building.

The relevant profit model defined by THING NFT

THING is a fully decentralized community. Players who have specific NFT cards in the community can take advantage of the corresponding exploitation rights. Players with Painter NFTs can form their own original painting teams, create original paintings and create NFTs for profit, you can also collaborate with the game’s creative team to design and participate in profit sharing.

Players can also participate in community outreach by recommending other players to join the game and become a direct contributor to THING. All contributors above have the right to share the corresponding project tickets. The higher the direct contribution in the game, the higher the commission. All users can become co-founders of THING.

THING integrates NFT, DeFi, GameFi and other models and fulfills the mission of creating value for gamers by developing the content and economy of virtual worlds and blockchain games. Breakthrough in a new fashion chain game system, create a value bridge between Metaverse assets and the real world, strengthen the Metaverse game world and give more people the opportunity to participate in the Metaverse wave through THING.

As THING matures and expands its influence, its perceived value and price will skyrocket, and a decentralized Metaverse system is upon us.

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