These luxury cars imported from Germany to be sold in Saint-Quentinois and as intrigue


Are we dealing with car sales connoisseurs who have started an illegal commercial activity, or with body and mechanics enthusiasts who have been overwhelmed by their shopping trips? These are the questions that the criminal court in Saint-Quentin was to answer on Tuesday, September 7th. Four defendants in the bar. One of them forms the connection to the other three. He is the companion of the only woman in this quartet and is friends with the other two men summoned. The facts took place in Saint-Quentin and the surrounding area for four years.

The activity that was set up consisted of buying sports or luxury cars from German manufacturers across the Rhine. As soon as it is acquired, as soon as it is resold or almost sold. The amount received for each vehicle sold to finance the purchase of the next and so on. Launched following an anonymous termination in light of the many cars the couple used, the investigation revealed a total of 45 records by combining the 4 defendants’ transactions from January 2017 to January 2021.

More interesting to buy and resell quickly rather than rent

If you lease a vehicle for 4 to 5 months, it will cost you a lot, but if I invest my own money before resale, I lose none
“, Is justified one of the defendants who states that he missed a job in the CDI after his arrest. ”
The problem is that with a certain frequency, we qualify it as a trade
“Transforms the president of the court, Olivier Michelet. No statement has actually been made to the tax authorities or to the Trade and Companies Register. Except that this flyer is only distributed on a social network to offer a buying and selling service on behalf of one of The defendants, customers should only get in touch via instant messaging ”
to be untraceable
“, Concludes the public ministry. The rest juggle between preliminary registrations, gray cards, nominees and cash loans between the various protagonists to ensure continuity in the purchase, a process as caucasian as it is orchestrated.

At the court bar, all the defendants’ difficulties are to justify the large sums of money found in cash or in their bank accounts. ”
It comes from my savings and my old activities
“, The co-wife tries. With regard to these 32,000 euros washed out behind a plinth, ”
they came from the sale of my last vehicle
“. He gets so confused in his explanations that his own lawyer gets carried away and invites him to clarify.”
without getting nodules in the brain

Sneakers that pay off

It’s the woman’s turn to be questioned about the handling of the expenses she presents: ”
Your companion does not work, you earn 1800 euros a month, you pay a monthly mortgage of 530 euros, you have 2 children, and you manage to save 300 euros a month
? »«
We do not go to restaurants, we do not spend too much
she apologizes and congratulates herself for always having saved while she was helped by her parents, hence the acquisition of a house for 108,000 euros.

This other defendant, well-groomed it is true, gives a surprising answer to justify his cash flows: ”
I sold sneakers at Vinted and Leboncoin; for the cars I sold 6 of them and honestly I earned very little, it was even zero, I am enthusiast, it is the pleasure of the car!
A trust repeated by the 3 men with this claim each worked in his corner without doing business with the others. The woman is an exception:
My husband has a passion for cars. I’m not interested in that because I’m very busy with my work and my kids.

A flyer who raises questions

Even though a cell phone number open to his name appeared on the famous flyer? ”
This line had been open for many years and everyone knew it was my buddy who was using it
she answers. ”
It was to make me famous, to create a craze, to make buzz, he only stayed 2 days
“, Minimizes the stakeholder. Lawyers who follow distinguish between revenue, significant for the uninitiated, and profits, according to them almost non-existent. And to insist on the lifestyle of their respective customers, which does not correspond to that of the villain.

Move with, nothing to see. Not enough to convince the Attorney General. Cédric Logelin demands suspended prison sentences from 2 months to 1 year, but also fixed imprisonment for 6 months for one of the accused as well as fines of up to 15,000 euros. The verdict was reserved for October 5.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021 – 16:25

The accident left one dead and five injured, three of them seriously.

The accident left one dead and five injured, three of them seriously.

The circumstances of the tragedy that left one dead and several injured in a clash on Tuesday, August 31, have not yet been fully determined. That’s why the gendarmes want to gather evidence of this fatal collision for a young 20-year-old passenger from Homblières. The Ribemont Brigade is therefore calling for witnesses.

As part of a fatal traffic accident that occurred on August 31, 2021 around 6 p.m. 14.40 on department road 57 between Mézières-sur-Oise and Itancourt, the Ribemont Gendarmerie Brigade is leading witnesses.
“, Say the gendarmes.

If you have information about this accident, please contact the Ribemont Gendarmerie on 03 23 63 50 17 or call 17.


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