These 4 old cell phones are worth a fortune and can make you rich, do you have one?

Old mobile phones need to be recycled. They generally have their seats at the recycling site, in the electronic part. Or major specialized brands offer to get rid of them. Some models are then refurbished to avoid spillage. But others are too old to be interested in this kind of business. This is when the old cell phones can later become vintage devices. And sometimes even real collectibles. Object do not hide from you that it works with all kinds of old products.

Game consoles, for example, are also highly valued by collectors. While for cell phones, the craze is quite recent. As our colleagues from the magazine point out Health Plus Mag, these old cell phones are becoming more and more rare. Rarity, however, is a relevant criterion for a collector. This criterion will also determine the price of the device. The condition, history and age of the device will then come into play.

Old cell phones are collectors’ new darlings

The first portable devices are real relics. The very first device intended for the general public was worked on by electronics and telecommunications experts in the 1990s. Every country in Europe should have its own model to avoid unfair competition. In France, it was “Pointel” that tended to be democratized. It was finally “Bi-Bop” that saw the light of day in 1991 at France Telecom. Finally, democratization was a very big word. Since these old devices were primarily reserved for professional use, for key employees in large companies. It was not until 1996 that the packages available to the public allowed everyone to buy a mobile phone. And in 2002, the number of mobile subscriptions exceeded the number of landline subscriptions in France.

In those years, many mobile phones were launched. But from year to year, new models, each more efficient than the other, were born. These old phones can therefore still sleep in drawers in the family home. Or they have already been recycled or thrown away a long time ago. But those of the readers ofObject who kept them would like to read the rest of this article carefully. Because several models of these old mobile phones could be resold at exorbitant prices to collectors. According to the newspaper’s information Evening Geekothey are worth 4 detours.

Rare and coveted mobiles

Motorola Aura R1

It was discovered in 2008 and was very different from the others. Its incomparable design made it unique in its kind. Its rotary valve was the most beautiful effect. And we must not forget that this had and still has its significance. Older cell phones had to stand out more than others to convince consumers. For the first time, it was no longer a matter of having the phone, but HIS phone. This model is particularly rare. In perfect condition, it easily reached 1000 euros.

Nokia 889 Arte Carbon

This model is the first on our list of old cell phones. But it is not the oldest on our list. The Nokia 8800 Arte Carbon, released in 2008, is sleek and finds its clientele among business leaders. Its originality? It is one of the first mobile phones with sliding opening. Today, depending on its condition, it sells between 600 and 2,000 euros.

Samsung SPH-N270

You may have recognized it by the model name? The Samsung SPH-N270 is none other than the Matrix mobile phone! In fact, Neo and the other characters in this cult saga use these old cell phones throughout the film. However, it is still a rare model that has only been produced in 10,000 copies. In fact, its rarity could increase the price of astronomical sums. But it only sells for about 500 euros. Which is already impressive for such a small device.

Apple iPhone 2G

A small technological revolution, this first iPhone is the one selling the most expensive of the four models Object talk to you today. It came in 2007 and therefore it may be on the list of old mobile phones. It is nonetheless the forerunner of a new world of mobile telephony. Collectors looking for it can spend thousands of euros on acquiring this historic model.

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