these 10 shock deals to grab this Tuesday morning

This year, the French days start very strongly with discounts on thousands of very popular items. Here is our selection for this Tuesday. Cdiscount, Fnac, AliExpress or Amazon are in the starting blocks.

In just a few years, the French Days have become a significant event in the French e-commerce landscape. The major players in the sector organize this operation twice a year, allowing them to increase volume significantly thanks to attractive offers.

If the French days are officially French-French, many foreign actors participate. Below you can see the first deals available on this Tuesday. First come, first served will also be first come, first served.

Top offers from the French days 2022:

AliExpress offer (starts Wednesday at 9:00):


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The chosen date for these French days is from the 4th to the 9th of May 2022. The hostilities begin at 7 a.m. Wednesday. However, some merchants have already submitted offers from this Tuesday. The world leader in e-commerce AliExpress has created great enthusiasm by revealing its preview offers on its website. However, it will be necessary to wait until Wednesday morning to be able to access it.

In 5 days you will therefore be able to do a good deal on giant catalogs. As with every edition, the French Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty and Boulanger are among the spearheads of the operation. They are also among the founders of the French days. Originally, they wanted to create an alternative to Black Friday.

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Why are the French days popular?

The French days take place twice a year, in May and September. During these two periods, which are known to be calm for these traders, this allows them to increase their turnover. These offers are, of course, organized within a strict legal framework, and e-merchants cannot afford to sell at a loss. The same goes for Black Friday.

Unlike the sales where there is downsizing and sales at a loss, this is not the case for the French days – not even Black Friday. That said, however, traders have the opportunity to reduce their margin as much as possible to attract customers. As always, the most beautiful brands are closely followed: Apple, Samsung, Bose, Dyson or even Xiaomi are among the most popular.

These French days in May 2022 are falling at the right time: they are still a month before the sale. That said, there is a big difference between the two: Summer sales are no longer very popular, and they focus on the final stock, which is sometimes difficult to sell. For the French days you can e.g. find discounts on high-tech products and newer household appliances.

For this episode of the French days on Cdiscount, Amazon, Fnac or AliExpress, see the products in fashion. For example, Xiaomi smartphones (Redmi Note 11, Poco series), iPhone 13, MacBook Air M1 or even Bose headphones will be in demand. A few weeks away from summer vacation, these are must-have accessories for technology enthusiasts.

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What percentage reduction can we expect? On the most prestigious brands and the latest products, we can not hope to get more than 20 to 30% reduction. This is the overall margin level for official retailers, so they can not go beyond this discount. Note that this remains very advantageous because it can sometimes represent hundreds of euros.

Who are the actors of the French days?

As every year, Cdiscount and Fnac dominate the debate during the French Days. That said, players who are not officially invited like AliExpress and Amazon are also very strong during this period. However, if they do not explicitly name their operation French Days, they are active with flash sales from 5 to 9 May.

You should know that French Days had been invited to respond to Black Friday, which is dominated by Amazon. AliExpress, for its part, has become a troll with its Singles Day, which is held on November 11th. French merchants wanted to go together to provide an answer with the French days. That said, a large portion of the products sold are not of French origin.

On previous editions, the operation has always been the same: All offers are published from the first day at. 7:00. Once online, they stay online until they run out. We therefore invite you to be punctual for the first day of this French day’s operation. Then the merchants offer some one-time and attractive flash sales.

AliExpress participates in the dance

The only e-retailer that does it a little differently is AliExpress. The latter is used to announcing its offers in preview. They are therefore already available on the trading platform. However, it will only be possible to buy the products at this price on Wednesday from 9.00. We advise you to put the products you like in your basket and validate it tomorrow early tomorrow morning. The warehouse will go fast.

When you buy online in France, you have a legal right to a withdrawal period of 14 days after delivery. This is also the case during these French days: merchants are obliged to offer you this period to change your mind and return your purchase. If you have purchased certain products a little too quickly, it is a safety net that allows you to go back without taking a penny out.

We remind you to be lively for the French days at Cdiscount, Fnac and others. The quantities available are very limited. Last year, it only took a few hours before the entire stock disappeared. So do not miss out on getting your fingers in the best current deals.

To discover the French days at Cdiscount, here it is:

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