there is a slowdown in EU aid

Khemaies Jhinaoui: There is a slowdown in EU aid

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Khemaies Jhinaouiargued that globalization covered the analysis of the internal situation of a particular country carried out by its partners. We are in constant dialogue with them (L ‘European Union and other Tunisian partners, editor’s note). We have to explain to them the situation and our decisions … They are currently assessing that the situation is unclear “, he added.

Guest March 10, 2022 by Elyes Gharbi on Mosaïque FM radio, Khemaies Jhinaoui stressed the importance of dialogue with Tunisia’s partners. He recalled that the latter had an important role to play in supporting Tunisia with the International Monetary Fund. (IMF) and other funders.

The maintenance of this dialogue and its consolidation is not exclusive to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I’m aware of the efforts that this department has made. The government must also contribute to this. It must explain the reasons behind the announcement of the extraordinary measures and confirm its connection to democracy. Silence on the part of the government does not help the case “, he lamented.

Khemaies Jhinaoui believed that Tunisia was in a real crisis and that the country should emphasize its commitment to democratic elections and to the process launched on 14 January. He noted a decrease in the number of visits by foreign delegations to Tunisia and in the number of visits by Tunisian delegations abroad.

The lack of communication channels will particularly affect the IMF. It is a political organization and not a technical one. The most influential player in this structure is the United States monitoringof some European countries … There is a technical aspect in relation to the ability to introduce deep economic reforms, but there is also an assessment at the political level … In my opinion, there is a slowdown in EU aid. Some projects carried out in collaboration with the United States have been put on hold “, he declared.

The former minister questioned the maintenance of the financial support provided to Tunisia. He considered that the European Union had not taken a decision reflecting an intention to continue cooperating with the State.The project ” Millennium Account for example, should have been ratified some time ago. It includes an envelope of up to $ 500 million. Previously, we received 300 million euros in the form of annual budget support from the European Union since 2016 “, he lamented.

He insisted on the patriotic aspect of maintaining diplomatic relations. He stressed the importance of the commitment of all actors on the political scene, such asUGTT andUtica. He have believed that the budget allocated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was very low. It represents less than 1% of the state budget. This does not make it possible to maintain a basic diplomatic policy … The current government and those who preceded it are aware of this. No changes have been made here. “, he criticized.

He praised the efforts of diplomatic missions abroad, particularly in Romania and Poland. He mentioned their role in the success of the repatriation of Tunisian citizens.

Afterwards, Khemaies Jhinaoui emphasized the maintenance of a stable diplomatic strategy and based on the same principles.We we can not afford to revise the foundations of the relationship that unites us with the European Union. We remain an African, Arab and Muslim country “, he explained.

About migration, Khemaies Jhinaoui noted racist treatment of people on the borders of European countries fleeing the Ukrainian conflict. He also mentioned the migration of skills.Our elite travel for free in Europe “, he lamented.


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