The way you hold your cell phone says a lot about your personality

There are different types of personality tests and people like to refer to them a lot. In fact, they make it possible to be entertained and to know a little more about its deep nature. Thus, it can help us in our choices, as in the professional environment for example. But without answering questions, it is already possible to translate your character by simply observing yourself.

In fact, your hands, your gestures, your facial expressions, your posture, all of these elements already partially betray your character. It is actually called non-verbal communication or body language. These signals can be conscious or unconscious. So in this article, we have focused our attention on a particular accessory that is dear to you and that follows you night and day … Your smartphone, of course! But what does the way you use it mean? Are you ready to take our personality test?

Personality test with everyday accessories

Body language is very interesting to observe and analyze. In fact, it can tell us a lot about a person’s temperament when he or she has not even spoken yet. For example, the way you handle your phone already provides some answers. This one never leaves us. We use it to communicate with others, keep up to date with news, take pictures and also have fun. It’s a bit like saying the following things: tell me how you hold your phone, then I’ll tell you who you are! Discover in this personality test all the details about your character. Is that right ?

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Personality test: Position 1

If you tend to hold your phone with one hand, it means you are fearless. In fact, you are a go-getter and you have a lot of confidence. Alongside this strong personality, you can also be serious, especially when it comes to making important decisions. One thing is for sure, you are listening to your intuition, which is a good ally to bring you to the end of your dreams. Every decision is certainly important, but you make it quickly because you know what you want. You are also a versatile person, a real jack-of-all-trades. A highly valued personality trait in the workplace.

Position number 2

In the second image of this personality test, the person uses both hands to hold the laptop. However, she writes with only one thumb. This means that you are careful by nature and aware of the essentials of life. You are an intelligent and thoughtful person, so you are often asked for advice. For all these reasons, you are a person who easily achieves your goals.

Personality test: Position 3

For this third performance, both hands hold the smartphone and two thumbs are used to type. If this is your case, the personality test will reveal that you are a perfectionist and productive. In fact, your goal is to be effective because “time is money”. So no time to waste on superficial things. This is a very interesting trait in professional life. When it comes to privacy, be careful not to go too fast.

Position number 4

The last position shows a single hand holding the laptop. It is assumed that the other is for handling and use. Thus, the personality test proves that you have a creative nature. Your brain is always running and you have an idea every second. So you always have new projects underway, but do you always manage to complete them? This is the problem with creative, lots of great ideas that never see the light of day. Try to choose a path and stick to it.

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