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Affiliation, dropshipping or direct online sales, do these concepts really seem abstract to you? Here is the necessary information to better understand them.


Dropshipping is a very popular solution for developing a business. Globalization and technological progress have been vectors for a lasting establishment of this type of trade. This new kind of market has emerged in the United States and Canada. But since then, it has spread to many countries around the world. Doing business online with dropshipping is a process that works with a three-way balance.

All you need is a connection to the web to be able to sell in dropshipping. The store is the main interface between a lead and a supplier. The biggest advantage of dropshipping is that you do not have to manage inventory. Consumers come to your store to see product sheets and features. They place an order on your site. It is then the supplier who sends him the products from his order directly. As an e-trader, you are above all obliged to promote the products offered for sale as well as possible and ensure that the user receives his package and that he is satisfied with it.

The mission of the merchant who chooses dropshipping is to check that the delivery times are in accordance with the advertised. To do this, he must choose an association with serious and professional suppliers. It should also attract potential buyers to its website. The creation of an e-commerce within dropshipping can therefore be very fast and does not require a significant financial contribution in the beginning..

It is much more convenient not to have to manage products and stock. You do not need to rent department stores to deposit your products there. Dropshipping can turn into a full-time activity, but can also be a simple wage supplement with only a few hours dedicated a day.

Affiliate on the internet

When a customer on your site selects an affiliate link, they are automatically redirected to another provider’s site. If an order is subsequently placed on that website and the customer clicks on a link on your website, you receive a commission for the transmission. The advantage of affiliate is being able to make money without having to do anything other than put the link to the affiliate store.

This of course induces a high passage speed on your blog / site. If the latter is not very popular, very few people are likely to click on the affiliate link, and therefore may place an order subsequently. First of all, it is therefore necessary to ensure a good audience. The most important thing in affiliation is to create a reliable relationship with your visitors.

The benefit of the advertiser site here is to be visible on many other websites. In marketing, visibility is an essential criterion, especially on the web, where competition is fierce. On the blogger side, it is ordinary income that does not require a great deal of personal commitment.

The marketplace

The marketplace evokes the old “marketplace”. This is a service that aims to offer a single place where sellers offer their goods. The e-commerce site therefore welcomes different sellers and is not dedicated to a single retailer. You can find everything there and choose the grocery store from which you want to buy an item.

The marketplace is open to both professional traders and individuals. The products sold can be new or used. Note that the site manager receives a commission for every sale made on his platform. Marketplaces hold thousands of vendors and just as many products for sale.

They offer a variety of features to make stores attractive and promote faster sales. Some marketplaces also manage stock and shipping of orders. Salespeople who link to a marketplace get access to a store that can attract millions of leads. This is the assurance of strong viability.

Online direct sales

Online direct sales consist of offering your products directly on your own online store. You take care of all logistics and management of your customers. This type of online sales avoids intermediaries and commissions that have to be paid for the service offered. Short circuits are also an opportunity to really get in touch with your customers.

It is up to you to promote your products in a store that makes you want to buy. In order for leads to gain access to your store, you still need to generate quality traffic. Your site should therefore appear in the first results of internet searches. It is also subject to competition and you will need to find the right marketing methods to stand out from other sellers. The site must also be very ergonomic and easy to pay for the order to be completed.

If your site is not ergonomic, you run the risk of seeing your potential customers leave the competition. Also listen to your customers’ comments and try to be reactive when a problem arises. Your reputation depends on it and you will benefit from word of mouth that will lead to new sales. Your company’s best ally is the consumer who is happy with your services and products.

You need to understand that getting started with e-commerce requires some know-how and a lot of seriousness. It’s not a matter of trying to make easy money, but of ensuring sustainable activity and the opportunity to satisfy your customers. Dropshipping, direct sales, affiliate, marketplace, the solutions are numerous and deserve special attention if you brand the commercial fiber. However, do not neglect to educate yourself in the subject that tempts you, for the intricacies of sales, marketing strategy and SEO must be perfectly mastered to be successful in online business, as in any other.

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