The story of the bulletproof mobile phone, or how a Ukrainian soldier got rid of a bullet thanks to his smartphone


Apparently, the bullet would be of large caliber and could have hit the smartphone with the ricochet, after helping a metal ID card that the soldier had in the holster.

It’s not something we like to talk about. During these times, wars and armed conflicts should logically be forgottenthough the only reality is that it seems the world has become accustomed to living in crisis.

At least we live in Ukraine the first major war of the century in Europealso the first with almost global connectivity and smartphones to stream it all, so curiosities emerge like this one that we bring to you today and that involves a Ukrainian soldier who saved his life thanks to his cell phoneliterally…

Bulletproof smartphones in Ukraine

Image from the video posted on Reddit as they show the bullet embedded in the mobile.

And no, It did not go quite as we had using a connected application or service that would help them survive, as it is more of a purely physical problem, by turning your smartphone into a bulletproof vest which protected him from a stray projectile, which ended up affecting the mobile phone, leaving it useless but the soldier himself without a scratch.

It was not a powerful smartphone, and the stray bullet was probably from a ricochet in a lot of happy coincidences, but the truth is that a smartphone saved the life of a Ukrainian soldier as it was. was the best Kevlar armor on the market.

It will be the Galaxy XCover Pro 2, the next super resistant mobile from Samsung

Urbantecno colleagues told us about it at the head of GizChina and other international media after the video uploaded to Reddit went viral shows the soldiers in a trench take out the cell phone out of your pocket and show it to the camera.

Now you know Bullitt Group and other companies have some of the toughest smartphones on the market, even Samsung also has an off-road smartphone for dangerous jobs and adventure fans, though under no circumstances and too many military certifications that have such as the MIL-STD-810G, these smartphones are usually prepared (or at least certified) for resist direct bullet impact.

In fact, the aforementioned MIL-STD-810G certification works up to 29 US Army-approved tests to validate a unit’s functionality in military missions, and although this is one of the most stringent certifications in the electronics industry, it checks for falls and shocks, no challenge is as complex to overcome as a ball directly on the device.

Even U.S. military certifications do not validate their electronic devices against bullet holes, and the reality is that if the shot had been fired directly, the end of this story would certainly have been more tragic.

Anyway that no one believes that a cell phone will protect them from being shot in any situationbecause despite the fact that the bullet was of a large caliber, 7.62 millimeters, it was fired by Russian troops from a considerable distance and reached to hit the Ukrainian soldier’s smartphone will certainly ricochetabsorbs the energy and keeps the ball embedded in its frame.

However, many have praised the durability of said mobile phone it was definitely a lot of coincidences that happily saved this fighter’s lifethat he will have to buy a new smartphone, but that he can at least talk about it.

It’s no more the first phone that saves lives receive bullet holes, as we have previously seen a Nokia 301 in Afghanistan do the same, or a Lumia 520 stop a bullet aimed at a police officer in Brazil, and even an iPhone 7 Plus during a robbery attempt in the Kingdom of Great Britain. After all, we like to see them save lives more thanks to theirs detection of accidents or falls or quick calls to emergency services before any incident.

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