The new business monitoring platform for points of sale in Europe

Today, retailers usually find it impossible to be able to access their data in real time, to have to wait until the evening or the next day to get such data, the week after in yet another and the following month for still others, and that juggle between Excel files and Google Sheets to standardize data, rework it, and share it. The ingenious company considers it abnormal to have to run its business in a reactive state. Gaëlle Helsmoortel, CEO of the very young company dgenious, explains how her platform, designed specifically for retailers, is innovative in this highly competitive sector of Business Monitoring.

Can you tell us about good activities?

Gaelle Helsmoortel: Dgenious has developed and markets a corporate monitoring platform for retailers and franchise networks, enabling them to manage their network of physical and online sales outlets in real time. That ingenious platform is a 100% Cloud and nomadic solution (accessible via a URL from a computer or smartphone) and 4,000 daily users use the platform in 5 different countries.

Thanks to our platform, a large number of operational decision makers (financial services, store managers, etc.) depending on their area of ​​activity have direct, immediate and real-time access to all the data generated by webshops, physical stores and corner stores, allowing a very accurate analysis.
The platform user can analyze, compare sales in real time for all stores with a frequency of 15 minutes or an hour and analyze, for example, customers’ average curve during a specific campaign.
At the heart of dgenious’ technology is producing the reports required by customers by generating queries that require significantly less computation, enabling them to run much faster (typically on the order of 100 to 1). This allows for smaller computers and more advanced analysis, which ultimately results in a more powerful, cheaper and less power consuming product.

Why does dgenious stand out in this Business Intelligence sector? What are the challenges and the specifics of your platform?

Gaelle Helsmoortel: dgenious’s goal is to become a key player in “retail tech”. Its platform enables its customers to better address their key challenges, which include:

  • To be able to anticipate (and not follow) rapid changes in consumer trends;
  • Manage omni-channel with development of e-commerce, pop-up shops, kiosks in department stores, etc. ;
  • Goals for operational excellence and “zero restrictions” for consumers at physical outlets;
  • Better understand the complexity of the consumer buying action, which is less stable and predictable than before.

The disruptive technology dgenious platform has no known equivalents to date; a key element for understand the disruptive nature of the platform is that it connects directly to the cash or payment system at each point of sale and captures in real time all data from the most crucial moment of all dealers: the time of the transaction (“Money Time”) “).
Traditional business intelligence solutions work differently; these are solutions called “Enterprise”, which set up ambitious, long and very expensive projects, and are based on the moments of the company’s life such as financial closures, monthly commercial results, etc.
An important specificity of dgenious compared to competitors is the decentralization of data: unlike these competitors, dgenious directly seeks the data where they are produced (in the points of sale) so that they can be used in real time with a very high degree of granularity by head office and by points of sale. The data access time is typically 10 to 100 times faster with our solution.

What are the trends in the business intelligence market?

Gaelle Helsmoortel: The BI market was valued at $ 23.2 billion in 2019 and shows an annual growth of 8%. Demand is mainly focused on personalization and flexibility of solutions and access via mobile and tablet.
In this fast-growing market, dgenious offers a highly valued solution thanks to its real-time response and intelligent personalization built into its data analysis engine.
Every user of the platform can actually generate the analysis tables as desired : thanks to “no code” there is no longer a need to know how to program and wait for the availability of the overbooked ad hoc finance department manager to edit in real time the balances that each operator wants to analyze, all with a hotline available 24 hours a day and a personal customer success officer.

How does dgenious commit to its customers on a daily basis? What values ​​guide you?

Gaelle Helsmoortel: We put the customer at the center of everything we do, from development teams to marketing. Every day, the entire ingenious team is committed to bringing the best added value to our users so that they can focus on what really matters: running their business and not making analytics charts in Excel.
In addition, the 4,000 daily users of our platform have very different profiles – from CEOs to CFOs, to store managers to franchisees. These very different profiles also have very different ways of consuming data: it is important for dgenious to give as many people as possible access to the platform to optimize the daily work.

One of the most important effects of our platform with our customers is the value it adds to their point-of-sale network and their staff; dgenious provides all operations staff with a unique panel of calculations that everyone can customize to their needs. This is a beneficial and much more efficient decentralization of analyzes. It is also the opportunity to provide value to employees, because in addition to the analyzes that the head office shares with them, they can also contribute by creating others.

Finally, did you want to address a current point regarding dgenious?

Gaelle Helsmoortel: A € 1 million fundraising carried out in July 2020 by The Factory Fund and Finance & Invest Brussels carried out an initial contribution of € 1 million from the founders and made it possible to reach a first threshold for market presence.

We are currently in the process of our 2nd fundraising, with a deadline scheduled for the end of 2021. This fundraising aims to accelerate the implementation of the artificial intelligence module on our platform.

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