The heaviest cars sold in France in 2022

As the years go by, the kilos accumulate on the scale of the cars and in particular in the most distinguished models, where comfort, performance and equipment list precede any concept of sobriety. The Germans have also made a specialty of vehicles weighing more than two tons lately, and almost forget that in most countries, when you exceed 3.5 tons, you need more than just a B certificate.

And do not think that this value is unattainable, as all you need is a trailer, a roof box that is a little too congested and five people on board with luggage to be dangerously close to the border. The conclusion is therefore clear: the obesity crisis is hitting the car hard … electrification obliges. Currently, the award goes to a certain very famous English model. But in general, you notice, the heaviest cars are either SUVs, electric / plug-in hybrids or both! But above all, what really struck us when we compiled this ranking (based on manufacturer data) is the huge proportion of cars over two tons. In fact, a “simple” BMW i4 propulsion already exceeds 2000 kg …

The heaviest cars sold in France in 2022

1. Land Rover Range Rover P510e: 2810kg

Luxury anglaises were never known to be ballerinas. And unfortunately, the addition of a large battery of more than 30 kWh and an electric motor to turn the sumptuous SUV into a plug-in hybrid needle will falter on weighing, to values ​​never seen on the market. It’s simple, even the heaviest Rolls-Royce is almost 200 kg lighter than the “Range”.

2. Mercedes GLS Maybach 600: 2785 kg

GLS was already, to say the least, not very sharp. But the “Maybach” dust with the huge rims, the big engine, the abundant equipment and the luxurious presentation weighs down a machine that might not have needed it. The Mercedes GLS 600 Maybach is a XXL size and a weight accordingly.

3. Mercedes EQS: 2680kg

Take a car the size of a Mercedes S-Class and give it several hundred kilos of battery. Not surprisingly, the EQS is the heaviest electric car currently sold in France. Even a Tesla Model X, even if it is not one that makes lace, can boast of being a good quintal lighter.

4. BMW iX M60: 2584kg

We did not have to wait for the specification sheet to come out to guess that the iX was over 2500 kg. It is therefore anything but a surprise, even though the large electric SUV with its giant battery was recently overtaken by the all-new i7, which exceeds 2600 kg.

5. Audi Q7 60 TFSI and Quattro: 2535 kg

The entire Q7 series is over two tons, but the prize goes to the 60 TFSI plug-in hybrid version with its compressor-charged 3.0 V6, over two and a half tons. An almost “acceptable” weight in light of what Land Rover does on the Range Rover, but the autonomy is much higher on the Englishman. We have nothing without nothing.

5 other models over two tons

Weight penalty: they are not even affected!

Fortunately for all these models, they get rid of any malus. That on CO2 is obviously non-existent, also for rechargeable hybrids, and that on weight does not apply to electric cars and hybrids with more than 50 km of autonomy in electrical mode … Fortunately, we would like to say, as the tax on the Range Rover would then be a little over € 10,000. Finally, on our list, only the Mercedes GLS Maybach takes the total amount: € 40,000 penalty. The weight tax hardly counts on GLS, as the cumulative CO2 and weight penalties can not exceed the maximum amount (€ 40,000 in 2022). And since the V8 biturbo from the big star SUV already rejects its 300 g / km CO2, it already earns € 40,000 on its own.

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