The best portable brand (2022)

You may be currently looking for a new laptop, and to make a first choice in the options available to you, you would like to know what is the best laptop brand.

Nevertheless, we can not say that one portable brand is better than another. For us, there are different positions that meet different needs / budgets. In addition, within the same brand, there are often several assortments that can exist side by side.

Through this guide, we would therefore rather outline the needs that can be satisfied by the many assortments that the PC manufacturers offer, whether it is production quality, innovation, design or after-sales service. Thus, this will allow you to get closer to a model that suits you.

The 8 best laptop brands

It is no surprise that the computer market is flooded with good portable brands for decades. Nor has this prevented the emergence of new brands on the French market. Some are in ours today selection of the 8 best laptop brands to provide a highly diversified overview of the market.

1. Acer: a brand in constant development

Acer Aspire 3 A317-53

It must be said, Acer has nothing to do with its old reputation. The products sold by the brand are of good quality. In addition, its range is quite complete and particularly suitable for office use that requires versatility. This is especially the case for its range Acer Aspire which is suitable for both professionals and private individuals to perform daily tasks.

For a student or a professional looking for mobility, an Acer laptop from the series Swift will make the work perfect. Compact, light and elegant, it will accompany you everywhere just like the models in the series. Contact with removable keyboard and can be used as a tablet.

Laptops Acer Predator and Acer Nitro is primarily intended for gamers with a design and performance dedicated to them.

2. Asus: a variety of laptops for all purposes

Asus ZenBook Pro 15 OLED UM535QE-KY262W

Asus laptops are very popular among the consumers. In fact, this manufacturer offers many models, from € 400 to € 4000, intended for a wide range of applications. Finding a suitable Asus laptop depends only on your needs and your budget.

The Asus brand makes it an honor to produce good quality models. Note that even the design of its entry-level models is neat. Moreover, it is also dependent on democratization of OLED screens. Its reach Asus Zenbook aims to be innovative by taking advantage of another screen over the keyboard that really appeals to content creators / youtubers.

As we mentioned, there is a selection at Asus for every need. Players who want to get a high-performance model can look at the selection Asus ROGwith a quality chassis and RTX 3000 graphics card to name a few.

3. Dell: the brand aimed at professionals


The Dell laptop that we can consider the most successful in terms of design is the PC from the series XPS. It is a premium range that has won over a large number of users. Besides Dell isone of the oldest computer manufacturers and in any case, his seniority in the field is worthy of his good reputation.

Dell is used primarily by companies and professionals for a variety of good reasons, but it also produces entry-level models with laptops. Dell Inspiron.

To meet the broader needs of customers, Dell offers the range G15 to play video games. In addition, she has alienwareits own game brand dedicated to gamers looking for high performance.

4. HP: a terrain brand

HP Envy 14-eb0058nf

Hewlett-Packard is one of the best known computer manufacturers in the world with a large customer base. The portable HP pavilion where is HP Envy is ideal for office automation, internet browsing or performing daily tasks that do not require high performance.

For more professional use, it is better to prefer models HP Spectrum, Elitebog and ProBook. The components that equip them are much better, whether it’s the processor or the option of having an SSD.

laptops HP Omen are popular with gamers. They are designed to deliver power to gamers.

In addition, HP has in recent years renewed and expanded its range to also offer 2-in-1 hybrid PCs.

5. Huawei: affordable premium

Huawei MateBook 14s

Huawei conquered the French market just a few years ago, but we already consider it an excellent portable brand at a great price. The most popular Huawei laptop is MateBook, whose design is inspired by the Apple MacBook.

The Chinese manufacturer highlights the performance of these machines and offers them at an affordable price. In addition, it offers a more advanced range MateBook X Pro.

Huawei is also imposing its brand Honour to strengthen its presence in the ultrabook market.

6. Lenovo: the rising brand


Lenovo is a world-famous Chinese company that develops products for individuals and professionals. Lenovo laptops offer a lot good value for money.

We mainly distinguish between entry-level and mid-range computers Lenovo IdeaPadthat Yoga 2-in-1 pc and Lenovo ThinkPad provides better autonomy and good ergonomics.

That Lenovo Legion is designed for games. They offer one solid price / performance ratio.

7. MSI: for gamers and content creators

MSI Modern 15 A5M-211FR

Choosing an MSI laptop for a gamer or content creator seems somewhat obvious. The brand incorporates in its laptops Nvidia GeForce graphics card very powerful dedicated to video games. Moreover, with its excellent ventilation system, you can play for hours. These laptops are available for sale in 15 and 17 inches.

Quality at a certain price, certainly, but this kind of configuration has something to convince players and creatives. Recently, MSI has also diversified by offering versatile ultraportables made of metal.

8. Razer: Advanced laptops for gamers

CES 2022 Razer Blade 14

The American brand Razer is initially known for its gaming equipment. From the gaming mouse to the advanced Razer laptop, the focus is particularly on the performance of its products.

Its computers are equipped with RTX graphics card to meet the requirements of the most seasoned players and Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors depending on the model.

Just like at MSI, quality is paid for, whether it’s the series Razer Blade or series Razer book.

How to choose the right laptop brand?

There is one diversity of very good portable brands with an excellent quality / price ratio, which can make it difficult for consumers to choose.

They are not all created equal in the sense that if you are looking for a high performance gaming laptop, some brands are more legitimate than others and conversely, to surf the internet at low prices, some manufacturers have more appropriate intervals.

It’s not just about brand and reputation, but of models corresponding to a more or less appropriate application. It is therefore necessary to define a budget which, as you know, also goes hand in hand with the concessions.

Finally, for a proper configuration, we recommend a laptop with one Full HD screen and a warehouse SSD combined with 8 GB RAM, regardless of brand. For better image quality, you can also choose one IPS screen (minimum € 600 – € 700).

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