the art market in 4 beautiful sales

Despite a difficult start to the art market pandemic, auction houses recorded historic results last year. 2022 should therefore start at full speed. Like this excellent Ferrari from the 1960s, sold at Aguttes in February last year for € 876,400. Or even these plates by Émile Bernard (1868-1941), who honored the happy and colorful folklore of “Bretonnerie”, sold for € 448,000 in Ader in early February. Contemporary art has also not escaped from the auction houses, as the work testifies Cooks Transit of Venus (2017) by New Zealand artist Lisa Reihana, sold for € 12,600 at Christie’s. A look back at four art market sales at the beginning of the year.

1.Ferrari 250 GT berlinetta1962: € 876,400

Sold within the estimated range, this Ferrari deserved this great price, according to expert Gautier Rossignol: ” It is an emblematic model of the 1960s Ferrari production, which was produced in one hundred and sixteen copies in the world “. Its rarity is combined with its function, as this car is easy to” take responsibility », said the expert. She was run by gdriver driver to get on the racetracks. Surprisingly, the drivers did not let go of the steering wheel, they participated in the race and then set off again on the road! This demonstrates the reliability and performance of the model.

L ‘occupation sold for € 876,400 in Aguttes, Grand Palais Éphémère, on 3 February.

Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta, 1962, aluminum body made by Bacchelli.

Ferrari 250 GT berlinetta1962, aluminum housing made by Bacchelli.

2. Emile Bernard, Bretonnerie1885: € 448,000

The extraordinary price of these nine records by Émile Bernard (1808-1941) surprised Hélène Bonafoux-Murat, who had estimated them at between € 25,000 and € 30,000. ” This unique set was printed in zincography, a technique similar to lithography but in which zinc replaces porous limestone. », Explains the expert. Museums and private amateurs struggled to get this little masterpiece. The competition ended between an English dealer and a French collector, who won the ultimate bid. This portfolio presented for the first time at Café Volpini during the Impressionist exhibition in May 1889, therefore remained in France.

The work was sold for € 448,000 in Ader, Drouot, on 9 February.

Émile Bernard, La Bretonnerie, 1885, 9 zinc-engraved plates, 38 x 46 cm.

Emil Bernard, Bretonnerie1885, 9 zinc-engraved plates, 38 x 46 cm.

Lisa Reihana, Cooks Transit of Venus2017: € 12,600

Included in a sale of modern oceanic art at Christie’s, this work by New Zealand artist Lisa Reihana is taken from a panoramic video that was the highlight of the “Oceania” exhibit at the Quai Branly Museum. -Jacques Chirac in 2019. The printing of a series of pictures is all the more interesting, emphasizes the expert Victor Teodorescu, ” that the video had deeply impressed the audience It’s inspired by a 1804 wallpaper that ideally tells of Cook’s three journeys in the late 18th century, but places itself from the point of view of the colonized Maori with a raw realism.

The work was sold for € 12,600 at Christie’s, on sale onlineMarch 1.

Lisa Reihana, Cooks Transit of Venus, 2017, print mounted under Diasec, 163 x 76 cm.

Lisa Reihana, Cooks Transit of Venus2017, print mounted under Diasec, 163 x 76 cm.

4. Tristan & Isolde’s romance bound by Creuzevault: € 2,631

It is not the illustrations that make the value of this book, but its exceptional binding, technically difficult to achieve, according to expert Christian Galantaris: “ it was necessary to engrave the letters that mimicked the writing of the 16th century, and then apply them one after the other … “. The very story of the binding is astonishing because it does not appear in the inventory of Henri Creuzevault’s holdings, which his daughter has compiled in six volumes. The bookbinder imagined this copy for the enthusiast’s father who put it up for sale. The work had gone unnoticed, and it is truly a unique work.

The work was sold for € 2,631 at Audap & Associés, Drouot, on 17 February.

Le Roman de Tristan & d'Iseult, JG Daragnès, 1928, large in-4 bound by Creuzevault.

The novel about Tristan and IseultJG Daragnès, 1928, large in-4 bound by Creuzevault.

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