The 5 most ridiculously expensive phones ever

Today’s phones come in a wide range of price ranges. At the high end, there are devices whose price is around $ 2,000. It may seem exorbitant, but there are much more expensive phones.

What is considered “expensive”?

When it comes to “expensive” phones, there are two types. There are the realistic expensive phones, like the Galaxy S “Ultra” series, which are certainly expensive but not absurd, and offer a very good phone.

The second type are status symbols. These phones are not practical for anyone to buy or use. They have ridiculous features and even more ridiculous prices. Advanced brands like to stamp their name on these phones.


Let’s start at the ‘realistic’ end of the spectrum. The original Samsung Galaxy Fold was released in 2019 with a starting price of $ 1,980. It was the first device with a foldable screen that hit the mainstream market.

Advanced technology often comes at a high price, and the Galaxy Fold was no exception. Despite the launch issues, it was a very interesting device and the price was reasonable. You got a device that could work as a tablet or a phone while it fits in your pocket.

The Fold series has been improving ever since, and Samsung now has more affordable folding options.


I did not expect to find a Sony phone when I searched for this list, but the Xperia PRO 5G blew me away. Sony launched this phone in early 2021 at a staggering price of $ 2,500.

Why is this phone so expensive? From the outside, it looks like a pretty standard smartphone. But make no mistake, it has very skilled hardware that goes far beyond the megapixel number.

The Xperia PRO 5G can act as a 4K camera monitor, file transfer device and 5G modem. It’s a phone aimed at people who do a lot of high-end video and photography. It’s not for everyone, but it may be worth the price for the right people.


You can not write a list of the most expensive phones without including Vertu. This luxury brand has been producing grotesque devices for a long time. The Signature Cobra is one of the dumbest, and it cost a staggering $ 360,000 in 2017.

We are now in the category of impractical expensive phones. Signature Cobra is not even a smartphone. This is a basic phone with gold plating and a jewelry-studded cobra that wraps around the phone. This is an example of something that tries to look so expensive that it ends up being cheap and tasteless.


Speaking of tasteless phones … oh honey! The Goldvish Le Million is one of the ugliest phones I have found in my research. It was unveiled in 2006 at the insane price of $ 1.3 million.

This was before the original iPhone was announced, so we can apologize to Goldvish Le Million for not being a smartphone. The crazy price comes from the bizarre boomerang-shaped body in 18 carat white gold. It is also topped with 120 carat diamonds.

The icing on the cake? Only three copies were made. At least you knew you had something unique.


Over the years, many designers have come out with extravagantly designed iPhones. But nothing tops the insanely named Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond to $ 48.5 million.

Compared to other custom iPhones, this one is pretty simple. This is an iPhone 6 with an exterior in 24 carat gold. There are also rose gold and platinum versions. But where does this catastrophic price come from? The big diamond on the back.

Yes, it’s literally an iPhone with a big pink diamond on the back. Diamonds of this size are generally considered very valuable. The person who bought this phone in 2004 would like to show it off.

Oh, and if $ 48.5 million is a bit too rich for you, there were more affordable versions for $ 42.5 million and $ 32.5 million, respectively.

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