The 11 start-ups and companies selected by Bpifrance and Business France for Impact China 2021

11 start-ups and companies have been selected as part of the Impact China 2021 program led by Bpifrance and Business France. Objective: to accelerate their spread in China. The names of the participants and the details of the support program were revealed on Monday, July 19, 2021. Tech and Cleantech are in the spotlight in this new edition.

A 100% digital edition
The goal is to help start-ups better identify business opportunities in China and then confirm them, especially through appointments. The program has been redesigned for this fifth year of life due to the health context. To begin with, this 2021 edition is 100% digital. An obligation due to restrictions on access to Chinese territory. And it also wants to be more modular “to respond even better to the characteristics and ambitions of each of the companies supported,” Bpifrance explains.

A first bootcamp took place to raise awareness of start-ups “to the challenges of industrial property, interculturality, legal issues, communication tools specific to the Chinese market or the specificities of human resource management”. Subsequently, start-ups will be able to test their development strategy by obtaining meetings with previously identified prospects.

“The Impact program is designed to enable companies to respond to the challenges of the Chinese market and to accelerate their development in this high-potential market, via this year a digital program to meet the challenges of the healthcare situation.”, commented Eric Morand, Director of Tech & Services at Business France, in a press release. Overall, 60% of the start-ups concerned since the launch of this program have established themselves in China less than 6 months after their participation.

The 11 selected start-ups

  • Medical world: The e-learning platform is aimed at medical and paramedical educational institutions and hospital groups so that students and teams can master English in their work.
  • CopSonic and Chitec (in Asia): develops a proximity communication technology that enables secure information exchange by means of ultrasound via speakers and microphones on all electronic devices (PCs / notebooks, tablets, smartphones, voice assistants, kiosks and smart TVs). This solution is intended to be complementary or alternative to QRCode, NFC, BLE or biometrics.
  • Eco-Tech Ceramics: the engineering company for industrial ecology has designed a heat accumulator, Eco-Stock, which captures, stores and recovers waste heat at high temperature by releasing it in the form of hot air, hot water or even to convert it into cold or electricity.
  • Gaussin: the engineering company designs, assembles and sells innovative products and services in transport and logistics
  • geoder: creates, develops and publishes entertainment mobile applications, centered on the world of gemstones and jewelery, such as Cœur de Gem and Dazzly.
  • Hinfact: The startup supports OEMs, airlines and pilot training centers with a unique software package that provides objective data on human factors for pilot training, design and certification.
  • IoTize: the company offers manufacturers a comprehensive turnkey solution to achieve functionality to control electronic systems from a mobile phone using wireless interfaces (NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa, etc.).
  • Chrono safe: the French software publisher specializes in the design and validation of complex critical embedded systems in real time.
  • mirSense: the start-up specializes in solutions based on QCL (Quantum Cascade Laser) lasers for the defense and industrial / environmental market.
  • Nexedi: specializes in publishing free software for the business market (ERP, Cloud, Big Data, vRAN). For example, its Rapid.Space software offers high-performance virtual servers, a cross-border CDN, a data hub as a service for Industry 4.0 and 5G vRAN for mobile private networks.
  • Spin-ion technologies: develops a manufacturing process that increases the storage density of digital memories tenfold and reduces their power consumption, all with a concern for environmental responsibility.

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