Teleworking: These twin brothers open a co-working space in Nogent-le-Rotrou

Maison Saint-Hilaire opens on May 2nd.
Maison Saint-Hilaire opens on May 2nd. © DR

The place was not that attractive, but they made it a little work cocoon. At 68 rue Saint-Hilaire, Sylvain and Arnaud Combaluzier, twins open with their two partners a co-working space on May 2nd. “People who were interested in joining the room made a remark to us that we would like to hear: we feel just like at home. It’s good we did everything for it! »

They had the idea before Covid

Alsacians by birth, the two forties established their business in Paris and Nantes in 2016. Co-s, that’s how they named their business, which combines advice, surveys, assistance to real estate clients. They summarize their activity, “we do property strategy. Companies contact us because they have the idea of ​​constructing a building, and we analyze whether it is a good idea whether it should be constructed. And if so, how? »

And do not think that it is Covid who brought these city dwellers.

We had the idea before the health crisis. Besides, we were almost sad when the health crisis came.

They thought it would call into question everything, in the end it was a great opportunity with the arrival of teleworking in the daily life of the employees.

“A thunder”

If Nogent-le-Rotrou is equally far from Paris and Nantes – the two cities in their community – it is also a place known for twins. “We have a friend who owns a house in Perche and we fell in love with this area.”

Between Paris, Nantes and Nogent-le-Rotrouhow do you find the time to put your suitcases in Perche to work?

We come here every three weeks. It is for us a workplace, a foothold. But we want him to live in our absence.

Hence the name “co-working”. They welcome employees to their premises. “First we wanted an office for ourselves, a place, a real laboratory without knowing what to place there. We started with a soft project that will harden, but it will remain malleable over time. »

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Finally, they developed their concept! “Welcome people looking for jobs. We offer one monthly subscription (150 €), it can not be done all day. They want the key. »

A Norwegian bath is available.
A Norwegian bath is available. © DR

Welcomes cyclists

In the last few weeks, yoga classes have already been given in the gym. Since this workplace is also a place of relaxation. It is fashionable to offer employees moments of relaxation. Thus, petanque court, Norwegian bath and even room to take a nap are available.

With root in chronotopy, Sylvain and Arnaud see different uses of their place depending on the time of week. “The rooms will also be able to accommodate cyclists who do Veloscenia. It might be nice to see them go through the co-working space. “Another idea,” we think of yoga retreats on the weekends or holding seminars, conferences. We know an urban planning sociologist, Eric Hamelin, who could come and talk about his job … “There are many wishes,” things happen. We want a group that gets well out of it, they say.

A gym with yoga classes.
A gym with yoga classes. © DR

Reactivate city centers

They are aware of it, it is one very urban model. But we realized that the neighborhood rule works in Nogent-le-Rotrou. As in a big city, everything is accessible within a neighborhood, we do not need the car. »

Above all, they insist, “close to everything, but also on nature in a neighborhood”. There is also a desire to reactivate city centers. Too little has been invested in these places for the benefit of the metropolises. We are starting to see the backlash, for us Something is the right scale, so we want to participate ”.

With “La Maison Saint-Hilaire” the twins also see “an action against Sustainable Development. We spend our time advising our customers to recycle a place instead of building one. We have the perfect example! »

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