Samsung apologizes for posting this ad

Samsung is under fire after an ad for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Buds 2. It shows a woman running alone in the middle of the night in a city while the debate over women’s safety is raging. The South Korean giant has since decided to apologize.

Samsung’s latest ad is far from unanimous and even pushes the company to come out of its reserve to apologize. in question? The decision to stage a woman run alone in the middle of the night in a city.

Posted on accounts in various countries over the last few weeks, the ad has finally landed on Samsung’s main page. It shows a woman deciding to run in the middle of the night at 2am in the streets of London. The short sequence which we have found and published below, wanted to praise the qualities of Samsung’s latest connected products. We can also see a Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Buds 2 headphones.

The brand especially emphasizes the ease of use and the ability to leave your smartphone at home, to go and play sports. Yet it was not really what caught the attention of many women, as the BBC explains. In fact, votes have been raised in favor condemn the character “unrealistic” of such publicity. This is the case of Esther Newman, editor-in-chief of the magazine and podcast Women’s racewho claims that this ad “does not represent the truth”.

“Do women work at Samsung? »

“Women are not running at the moment because they are too scared »she explains to BBC Radio 1. And to add: “It’s really shocking. I do not know any woman who runs at 02:00 in the morning. Absolutely not in a city”. Esther Newman also complains about the production of this ad and the desire to highlight a woman running with headphones. “Wearing headphones is a controversial point. Most of the women I know who run do not wear headphones, even during the day, because they are concerned about their safety.”, she adds. A discourse is shared by many users on social networks; who condemns the order and regrets that it does not address this societal problem.

Induced across the Channel, the controversy took on significant proportions following a tragic incident that took place in January. Ashling Murphy, a 23-year-old teacher, was killed Wednesday, Jan. 12, while jogging. This murder of a woman has been revived debates on women’s safety. A 2019 Runners World survey found that 84% of women had been harassed during a race, reports The Verge. Conversely, 70% of men did not. In addition, 94% of women surveyed said no one had helped them when they were harassed.

Samsung responds and apologizes

Under fire from critics, Samsung was quick to react sorry. The brand assures that this was not the intention “to be insensitive to debates on women’s safety”. “We regret how this may have been perceived […] The ‘Night Owls’ campaign was designed with a positive underlying message: to celebrate individuality and the freedom to exercise all the time. “.

Finally, and contrary to what Samsung suggests, driving with its watch is not always that “simple”. It is sometimes necessary to configure the SOS function on your watch; as well as activating certain features before going to sports. On Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch, we can especially think of registration or emergency calls. It may also be necessary to have a watch that is compatible with a mobile connection in order to be less dependent on the smartphone.

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