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Star warsthese are novels, available from Pocket or Bibiothèque Verte, comics from Panini, audio books from Lizzie, not to mention fine books from various publishers … but now also manga thanks to the publisher nobi nobi!

And the publisher does not intend to do things halfway through the launch of his Star Wars series on the market, not just by choosing Star Wars Day for the releases of his first two titles, and what titles! Next, we will talk about the first volume of the manga adaptation of the novel Lost stars by Claudia Gray, but here it is the High Republic that will be honored with the first volume of the manga A delicate balancewhich gives us a whole new story!

Furthermore, I offer below my review of this first volume, based on the copy provided by the publisher, according to the relevant editorial information:

Centuries before the Skywalker saga, a new adventure begins …

This is the era of the High Republic. The expansion through the stars is in full swing. The famous Jedi, the guardians of peace, are responsible for protecting the republic and preserving the hope of those who explore the dark recesses of the galaxy.

After the great catastrophe, the young Jedi Lily Tora-Asi was given the task of helping refugees settle on Banchii, an uninhabited world of the Inugg system, deep inside the outer fringe. Banchii is the site of the new Jedi Temple led by Master Arkoff, Lily’s wookiee mentor, who envisions the temple as a refuge for new residents and a stopover for travelers. As she deals with the arrival of new settlers and unravels strange mysteries about this remote outpost, Lily is plagued by a question: is she doing enough to keep the galaxy peaceful? But as a new danger threatens the colony, the young Jedi will have to take up the biggest challenge she has ever faced …

nobi nobi !, 144 pages, € 6.95, available 04/05/22

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A few details about the format

Like all manga, this is the first volume of A delicate balance has a dust jacket, and if you remove it, you will discover a color code that is true to the high works of the High Republic, with this now recognizable something dark yellow!

On the other hand, unlike the vast majority of manga, the reading direction is that the reading direction is French: the manga is therefore read as a novel, a cartoon or, to stay within the manga’s codes, the very first edition of Dragon Ball manga. You have been warned!

Last point: the manga is presented as complete in two volumes… except that it looks like a third volume has been brought to point the tip of the nose across the Atlantic! 😉

Then open the manga, read the first page of the scrolling text with the background sound Main theme of the saga, and then we’re off!


The scenario is signed by four hands: we therefore find Justina Ireland, one of the thinking leaders of the High Republic, already the author of several youth and youth novels, and Shima Shinya.

This first volume has something to surprise manga regulars, because here there are no chapters! It’s almost one graphic mangaas if the volume had been designed at once, allowing for large fluid reading.

The manga is therefore of interest to Lily Tora-Asi, a young Jedi who is assigned to the Jedi Temple on the planet Banchii in the company of her former mentor, her own Padawan, but also a handful of beginners. Volume takes the time to lay the groundwork for this whole small cast and develops a plot that certainly does not have too many surprises (after a few boxes, when you understand what one of the passengers has with you, you suspect what he is, will happen … but not as we imagine! 😉 but above all, this plot is both completely independent of what happens in the other works, while being perfectly connected to it!

In fact, if from the first pages we feel the drama coming, many events in the novels and comics will affect the course of events on Banchii, while explaining certain unfoldings of the plot. In short, like other works in the Right Republic, the reading is sufficient in itself, but the connoisseur reader will appreciate the connections between the works. And one of the main names of the saga could well come and greet on a few pages! 😉


With pencils, it is Mizuki Sakakibara who signs this new work by Haute République. And it’s a success and, I dare say, a pleasure to see the saga be represented under the manga’s codes! The mangaka is also just as comfortable on the dialogue scenes as on the action scenes, masters the use of the lightsaber and comes out with his head high from the hassle of designing a whole new environment and a cast almost completely unpublished. And to be honest, I preferred this style over the designers of the Panini series! (yes, it has nothing to do, so what? ;-))

When there are no more …

The plot of this first volume ends on page 120 of the manga, and the creative team gives you a deal for the second for the conclusion!

But wait a minute, there are not 144 pages in this volume? The wisest among you will have understood that if the main plot ends, the authors offer us on the last 20 pages a bonus chapter, a “guide” that develops the fauna and flora of the planet Banchii with local creatures worth Porgs. A very sweet addition!

A few pitfalls?

Come on, because you have to, otherwise it’s not fun.

The scenario for Shima Shiniya and Justina Ireland is a bit “easy”, understanding by this that certain decisions are only there to justify that such or such a character commits such or such an act, but that it sometimes does not seem very credible. To which we can add that the manga, if it will easily convince the followers of the High Republic (and there are many of them!), May not be the ideal gateway to the Star Wars universe of manga. It’s good that another day is coming and that is clearly meant for it! 😉

The presence of a Wookie Jedi Master is remarkable, the fact that all the characters with whom he interacts, reformulates or translates aloud what he says is much less. This contributes to the lack of naturalness that can be blamed at all.

Finally, however, it is a defect that is not exclusive to this manga in particular, but to all Japanese production on this subject, Lily’s age can be discussed. She looks like a teenager who even trains a teenager who is barely younger than her. Either Lily is older than the drawing seems to suggest, or Justina Ireland would make her a Vernestra Rwoh bis.


This first volume ofA delicate balance is therefore a great success! The supporters of the High Republic will definitely find their story there, just like the beginners of the saga, although they, fatally, will have the impression of lacking elements of context (in this case, do not hesitate and register at SWU! ;-)). And the last page gives a furious desire to have volume 2 in your hands!

Note : 85%

As a reminder, the manga will be available this Wednesday at your favorite bookstore!

Do not hesitate to tell us what you thought of the manga by going to its page or on the forum topic!

Thanks again for the nobi nobi editions! for the copy offered for review, and we are right next door, for the review of the second manga comes the same day from the publisher: first volume of the adaptation ofLost stars !

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