Most Popular Metaverse Games – Professional Game Guides

Most Popular Metaverse Games - Professional Game Guides

Metaverse is the new theme for virtual reality, games and social life that offers an unrivaled digital experience. There are many things to do in Metaverse with your avatar online, including playing games. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular Metaverse games that you can read below.

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Axie Infinity

Image via Sky Mavis

Axie Infinity is a monster collecting game that uses NFTs. Players can collect and beat their axolotl-inspired creatures called Axies and then participate in Pokemon-like battles. Axies can be bred to create unique creatures and can also help you hunt for treasures. Axie Infinity uses a digital marketplace where players breed, buy, sell and fight their axes against other players. If you’ve been looking for a new experience that feels like Pokémon lets you play to win, look no further than Axie Infinity.


Image via constructor

Decantraland is a popular Metaverse game that is best described as a life simulator. Players can create a virtual world, buy, sell and rent real estate in the digital world using NFT. You are free to explore the world and interact with other Decantraland users. Whether it’s visiting their properties or socializing through exhibitions, parties, etc., it’s up to you. There is always something to do in Decantraland, making it the perfect metavers for newcomers to check out.

Horizon worlds

Image via Meta

Horizon Worlds is Meta’s own VR and Metaverse title. It provides an almost limitless experience when it comes to games and socializing. Horizon Worlds players can interact with each other through different games with different styles, themes, gameplay and more. You can also create your own worlds and invite friends and strangers to discover them. Horizon Worlds does not use NFT, which makes it free.

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Check-in room

Picture via Game Room

The Rec Room has many similarities with Horizon Worlds, which offer a virtual world to enjoy. You create your avatar and can then join many digital spaces in this VR world. Rec Room has a lot of variety, so there is something for every gamer. One of the best things about Rec Room is its cross-platform functionality, which means you can play with your friends on different platforms. It is also a free-to-play title that does not use NFTs or digital currency.

Sand box

Image via PIXOWL INC.

Sandbox is another creative NFT-based Metaverse title where players can explore a virtual voxel world. Here they can buy land and build there. They can then sell that land to other players or show it to other Sandbox players. In addition to this, there is a marketplace in the game where players can buy and sell items in the game. It all happens through a digital avatar that players can create and customize as they wish.


Image via VRChat Inc.

VRChat is one of the most well known and popular VR space and Metaverse titles. Here you can experience almost unlimited virtual worlds with your digital avatar, which can be your own custom creation or a favorite character from another series. In VRChat you can interact with other players, hang out, play games and much more. VRChat is also completely free, with no NFTs or in-game purchases. The only limit in VRChat is your imagination.

Metaverse is booming with many wonderful titles to explore now and many more games on the way. If you want to get your feet wet in Metaverse, we recommend checking these titles out to experience it for yourself.

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