Microsoft Defender for Business is available in a general version

Microsoft has announced that their security tool for small and medium-sized businesses is now available. The standalone version of Microsoft Defender for Business helps protect against ransomware and other cyber threats, and according to Microsoft, brings “enterprise-grade endpoint security to SMEs.”

The company highlights the importance of its solution and says that almost a quarter of SMEs have experienced a security breach in the past year, often because they lack the staff and resources that companies have. . To address this and simplify implementation, Defender for Business comes with built-in policies that get customers started quickly.

Microsoft studies show that even though 80% of SMBs have antivirus protection in place, it is far from the end of the security history. The company found that nearly one in four SMEs surveyed said they had experienced a security breach in the past year, and more than 70% believe cyber threats are a risk.

Commenting on the launch of its latest security product, Vasu Jakkal, CVP Security, Compliance and Identity at Microsoft, says:

Microsoft believes in security for all. We are proud to make that vision a reality today. With Defender for Business AG, SMEs will benefit from increased protection with simplified security to help them better protect, detect and respond to threats. “

Microsoft highlights the following features of Microsoft Defender for Business:

  • Dealing with threats and vulnerabilities helps to prioritize and focus on the weaknesses that pose the most urgent and greatest risk to the company. Proactively build a secure foundation for your environment by detecting, prioritizing, and resolving software vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
  • Attack surface reduction settings help minimize the attack surface (the places where your business is vulnerable to cyber attacks through your devices and applications), leaving bad actors with fewer ways to carry out attacks.
  • Next-generation protection helps prevent and protect against threats with anti-malware and antivirus protection on devices and in the cloud.
  • Endpoint detection and response provide behavioral detection and response alerts so you can identify persistent threats and remove them from your environment.
  • Self-examination and remediation help develop security operations by examining warnings and taking immediate action to resolve attacks for customers. By reducing the amount of alerts and addressing threats, Microsoft Defender for Business enables customers to prioritize tasks and focus on more sophisticated threats.

The security tool is available as part of Microsoft 365 Business Premium, but customers can also choose to purchase it independently for $ 3 per share. user per month. Microsoft says additional server support is planned later in the calendar year with an add-on solution.

Source: Microsoft

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