mastered fabric waves

Scientists have been able to accurately and simply manipulate clouds of ultra-cold atoms that Bose-Einstein condenses, using an optical network controlled by an optimal control algorithm.

That quantum physics (Quantum physics is the general name for a set of physical theories …) revealed the counterintuitive behavior fabric (Matter is the substance that constitutes any body with a tangible reality. Its …) on the atomic scale. Now the development of quantum technologies is trying to master this behavior to build measurement or quantum computer devices with unmatched performance technology (The word technology has two de facto meanings 🙂 classic. That mastery (The master’s program is a university degree or diploma corresponding to the degree or title of …) of the preparation of quantum states thanks to techniques by control (The word control can have several meanings. It can be used as a synonym for study, by …) quantum is a key element for this.

mastered fabric waves
The control of the condensate chains makes it possible to produce, as desired, lines of points made of atomic clouds, with which one can form letters, then words.

It is on this aspect that physicists from the Collisions Aggregates Reactivity Laboratory (LCAR, CNRS / Univ. Toulouse – Paul Sabatier) and from the Laboratory interdisciplinary (Interdisciplinary work incorporates concepts from different disciplines.) Carnot de Bourgogne (ICB, CNRS / COMUE Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté) publishes new results in PRX Quantum. By using a new way of manipulating one Cloud (A cloud is a large amount of water droplets (or ice crystals) in …) ofatoms (An atom (from Greek ατομος, atomos, “which one cannot …) formation (In intonation, fundamental frequency changes are perceived as variations of …) -one Bose-Einstein condensate (A Bose-Einstein condensate is a substance state consisting of bosons on one …)they demonstrate the possibility of drafting one quantum state (In quantum mechanics, the state of a system describes all aspects of the physical system. It …) where the atoms of this wave (A wave is the propagation of a disturbance that produces a variation in its path …) of substance is in a overlay (In quantum mechanics, the superposition principle says that the same quantum state can …) selected from several different speeds, with the great advantage of only playing on one setting (A parameter is in a broad sense an information element that must be taken into account …)whereas it took at least two so far.

For this, the ultracold atoms in a periodic structure are placed on light (Light is the set of electromagnetic waves that are visible to the eye …)a network (A computer network is a set of equipment that is linked together to exchange information …) optical (Optics is the branch of physics that deals with light, radiation …). Using an optimal control algorithm, a technique derived fromengineering work (Engineering refers to all functions from design and study to …), the researchers calculate how to get the network to go back and forth in an ideal way, to bring the substance wave into the desired quantum state. At the end of the manipulation, the atoms are in a superposition of velocities, multiples of a speed (We distinguish 🙂 elementary, and this superposition can be visualized as one link (The word chain can have several meanings 🙂 small atomic clouds (figure).

This technique offers a general approach to the preparation of quantum states in optical networks that can be used in several areas. For example, in quantum simulation experiments, atoms in the periodic lattice act as electrons to study problems in condensed matter. In the experience of metrology (Metrology is the science of measurement in the broadest sense.) quantum, atomic clouds of different velocities can interfere with each other and thus be used to measure one Physical size (A physical quantity is a set of units of measurement, variables, orders of magnitude and …) spot on.

Quantum state control of a Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical grating
DOES NOT. Dupont (DuPont, by its full name EI du Pont de Nemours and company, is a company …)G. Chatelain, L. Gabardos, M. Arnal, J. Billy, B. Peaudecerf, D. Sugny and D. Guéry-Odelin, PRX Quantum, published October 5, 2021.
DOI: 10.1103 / PRXQuantum.2.040303.
Available on arXiv’s open archive databases.

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