Logitech G915 GL Tactile Wireless Keyboard for sale: an unforgettable price on the most popular version

Last week, it was the Logitech G915 keyboard in the GL Clicky version that was shown for € 169.99, and many people were waiting for such an offer on the Touch version. Well it’s now done on amazon which offers G915 Touch on sale for 169.99 € also !

An essential GL Tactile version in reduction

The Logitech G915 mechanical gaming keyboard ticks in several areas that gamers demand, especially its low-profile appearance that ensures finesse and flat keys, its Lightspeed technology that allows an ultra-responsive wireless mode, but above all the tactile contacts in this version on offer …

G915 for sale


While the Clicky version may deter those who dislike the noisy side of this type of switch, the Tactile version wins the vote by its quieter look, while the touch remains the same.

The Clicky version is priced at € 169.99 in standard price on fnac.com, while the Tactile version still costs € 199.99. But it is by taking a look at Amazon that we can finally find this GL Touch version for € 169.99. Of course, the site shows a 32% reduction, taking into account the original price recommended by logitech, which is 249 €. Although this ultimately represents a difference of € 30 with the fnac offer, it remains a discount not to be missed on this most popular version, which is rarely available at such a price.

An advanced gaming keyboard with many benefits

Given the original price, it is normal to classify this model among the top of the range of gaming keyboards. With such a reduction, it is now at the price of competing models that do not have the same benefits. Here are the highlights of this model:

  • A low-profile keyboard
  • A wireless model via light speed or bluetooth
  • GL Tactile contacts
  • Metal finish in brushed aluminum
  • Programmable keys
  • 3 integrated profiles
  • Media management
  • Who says the gaming keyboard says RGB with customizable sequences
  • Possibility to block certain keys in the game

logitech g915 discount


First of all, it is rare to find low-profile gaming keyboards. One of the only competitors in the field is the brand Roccat, which, if you are unlucky, may suffer from double typing.

Then the Lightspeed technology in the Logitech G915 ensures a reaction speed of 1 ms. You will not see the difference with a wired model. You can also connect your keyboard to other devices (smartphone, tablet) via Bluetooth, but there is no miracle here, you will feel a slight delay.

As for the other points, we find classic points on a keyboard of this series with multimedia control, profiles and the ability to record macros via the programmable keys.

Video in English, remember to put the subtitles 😉:


The RGB control, but also the recording of profiles and macros goes through the G-HUB software, which is far from unanimous. If you are a Logitech fan, you should already know this program, which can be versatile. This is the black dot of the brand, which does not detract from the great qualities of the keyboard.

If we were to make a mistake on this keyboard for one thing, it would be the backlighting of certain keys in this AZERTY version (the undisclosed numbers above the letters, while the QWERTY version does not have this strange choice), and its plugs in the mini- usb.

Logitech G915 GL Tactile Keyboard: A Deal Not to Be Missed

Finally, it may seem expensive for those who do not put more than 60 € in a keyboard, but if you have the budget and are looking for a low-profile wireless keyboard ideal for gaming, then the Logitech G915 GL Tactile benchmark in this area. Could just as well take advantage of it now because we do not know if this price is temporary, in which case it would be a shame to miss this offer.


For those who want the Clicky version:


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