In the electronics and mobile phone industry, Samsung is shining brighter than ever


The first quarter of 2022 was a new record for Samsung, which cashed 10.6 billion euros in just three months with screens and memories as the protagonists.

We had already warned about this last quarter and that was that Samsung was making more money than ever with its Galaxy smartphones thanks to those that were already foldable adoption of 5G connectionwhich had exploded sales of a South Korean giant capable of manufacturing more than 300 million mobile phones in 2021 alone, and which already has a defined strategy to reduce costs of production and thus better compete with Xiaomi and other Chinese manufacturers.

The trend is confirmed now and through the front door, by the way though Samsung can now celebrate a new record ever in quarterly revenue after posting absolutely staggering numbers in the 1st quarter of 2022, with no less than 77.78 trillion won in revenue, or approx. 58.3 billion eurosand an operating profit of $ 14.12 trillion won, or nearly 10.6 billion euros.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra red

Samsung is making more money than ever and seems immune to global tensions.

The Suwon giant does not only live off the mobile phone that has reaped the rewards better results in display and memoryalthough the detailed press release also mentions a mobile company that has grown again in a complicated scenario with widespread declines that the new Galaxy S22s were able to overcome.

Samsung even says that their smartphone business is extremely solid despite tight supply of certain key component materials and that the market response to their new 5G models has been very positive, including all yours The device’s ecosystem (sounds good like that in English), which includes not only Galaxy phones but also tablets, smartwatches and other connected accessories.

Samsung’s transparent plan to compete with Xiaomi

Samsung Mobile’s business is not affected by seasonal conditions, geopolitical uncertainties or lack of global supply

It seems like the South Korean giant is immune to global tensions as we have experienced recently, and the fact is that the company itself mentions the low seasonal fluctuations in this first quarter, as well as the problems derived from the supply crisis and the war in Europe, which, however, i.a. did not prevent Samsung Mobile from continuing to grow both in terms of revenue and profitability.

To talk about numbers and center the shot, according to Samsung’s MX business (Mobile experience) had a profit of 3.82 trillion won after deducting operating expenses from its over $ 32.37 billion in revenue, or whatever it is we are talking about € 2,422 million of profits of more than 24,280 million euros in receipts.

Folding phones worked, Galaxy S22 series sold above expectations and broke Stock available for several periods, and 5G connectivity in basic and budget areas operates Samsungwhich also maintains the number 1 position in the global mobile market with Apple is also growing at a breakneck pacein his case especially in the market more prime.

Samsung wants to ensure year-on-year growth with strong business ahead of external agents seeking double-digit profitability through its supply chain management capabilities, with its own divisions and subsidiaries providing it with a wealth of key components.

Looking forward to the second quarter of 2022, Samsung expects market demand to fall slightlyalthough he confirms that his goal is to ensure year-on-year revenue growth and not so much to focus on quarterly exercises, looking for double-digit profitability thanks to their better management of the global supply chain, their other divisions are quite involved in supplying their own monitors, memories, processors etc …

They recognize that prolonged Covid-19 pandemicwhich in turn has hit mainly China and other Asian countries will certainly complicate matters in this key part of the academic year 2022, although expects Samsung Mobile to continue its growth and consolidate its leadership with better 5G smartphones focused on the mass market.

Finally, they also talk about “to be at the forefront of the flagship market” accelerate innovation and maximize adoption and sales of foldable phones, which garnered such good reviews and also sales, especially a Galaxy Z Flip3 model, which managed to become attractive both in terms of design and cost to reach more users and more pockets. That’s what they say about Samsung Mobile experience will actively collaborate with DV and DA companies on further enhance connected and seamless experiences across the ecosystem Samsung products.

Good numbers for Samsung, which had a more chaotic launch than expected with its Galaxy S22 due to lack of supplies and is already preparing the fourth generation of its successful Galaxy Z … What do you expect from them?

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