In Dinan, the Cordon group sells used phones and tablets … like new!

The Cadaoz team, the Cordon Group brand, which now sells refurbished smartphones and tablets directly.
Cécile Couboulic, Rodolphe Thorel (project engineer), Justine Bereschel and Camille Le Cocquen, store managers. © Pascal CAYEUX

Even if the management offices had been moved to its grounds on rue de la Violette (formerly SAT and Sagemcom), an industrial zone in Dinan-Quevert (Côtes-d’Armor), The Cordon company was never completely abandoned, a few hundred meters away, but in Taden, its historic headquarters, the boulevard du Petit Paris.

A service had been maintained. And a shop Cadaoz has just opened on the ground floor.

45 checkpoints, 12 months warranty

Cada what? Cadaoz, the brand of refurbished smartphones from the Cordon group, which was launched on January 10, 2020.

“The name Cadaoz is imbued with its history and its local roots:” C “from the Cordon Group is linked to the term” adaoz “, which means recycling in Breton, explains Cécile Couboulic, responsible for group communication.

In the field of electronic device maintenance, Cordon has long demonstrated its expertise with major operators in the sector. Cadaoz refurbished smartphones are being refurbished in the group’s workshops in Quévert, with original parts. Tested at 45 checkpoints, they have a 12-month warranty.

Directly from the repairer to the consumer, and up to 70% of the new price

Until now, Cadaoz devices were only sold on the brand’s website. So they’re in the store now, directly from the repairer to the consumer, concept well in line with the times. The period is recycling.

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Above all, these devices that are sold used can be a price that can go up to 70% cheaper just a new one.

The largest brands and the latest models are offered in three qualities: Excellence, Performance and Basic, “this allows us to offer different prices”.

The devices sold come from takebacks from individuals or from various partners, telecom operators and retailers, as well as from certain companies when they change their fleets of smartphones made available to their employees. Thus, Cadaoz does not risk a stock shortage.

“We ensure, by querying in databases, that the equipment we recover is not stolen and we proceed to the complete deletion of any data that may have been contained therein.”

Cécile Coubloulic, Head of Communications at Cordon Group

Riding on the recycling wave

Other services are especially available on the Internet Cadaoz resellsallowing users to resell their old phone, Cadaoz support allows you to troubleshoot online and soon Cadaoz repairwhich will allow the purchase of a repair service.

“In the store, we also take devices, smartphones or tablets, depending on the prices of argus. And we ensure the transfer of data from the old device to the one the customer has just purchased, ”says Cécile Couboulic.

For the time being, it is not the group’s intention to multiply the Cadaoz stores. But Cordon seems to be riding the recycling wave in the long run and has just entered into a new partnership with Leroy Merlin on the renovation of portable electrical products, screwdrivers and other do-it-yourself and garden equipment. “We are testing the market and we support one of our workshops (on a different side than Dinan, editor’s note) in this direction”.

Soon, Cordon was able to tackle the renovation (site in Montluçon) and the resale of computers, and why not, in the same green approach as for televisions (at its former Sony location in Alsace), as it has done since 2013 with Nespresso coffee machines.

Cadaoz store, open from Tuesday to Saturday non-stop, from 10:00 to 19:00.

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