“I do not have a high school diploma and am a business developer in a start-up company”

“As a teenager, I was more of a diligent student. A great animal lover, I see myself becoming an animal behavioral scientist. But in first grade, I became seriously ill. I start to be regularly absent and miss many hours. I repeat my first, still when I was in terminal, I was forced to be out of school for more than a year and a half to pamper myself.

As a 19-year-old, I finally recovered. I can not imagine going back to high school and passing my high school diploma because I do not think I have the skills. I spent so much time at home sick that I can not see myself cramming alone to get back on track.

Then I decided to join the world of work. I sign up for a temp agency and accept all the missions that pass. I, on the other hand, am a maintenance technician at a town hall, a factory manager, a mover, a maintenance worker at a school, a salesman, a mascot for a grocery store … I like these varied tasks, although they are sometimes physical and a bit considered . My goal: to try to find a way and participate actively in society.

A glass ceiling

I am offered a fixed contract, which I accept as a seller in a frozen goods store. Very quickly I understand that there is a glass ceiling and that without a high school diploma it will take me years to hope to get a responsible position. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. I would rather resign after six months without really knowing what to do about it.

After two and a half years of short assignments and this CDI, I experience that it is a punishment not to have a matriculation exam, that many doors are closed to me. That those who have completed their education develop much faster in business than those who are not. In terms of starting an education course, those who interest me require at least a high school diploma or cost thousands of euros …

Nor is it easy to assume, socially speaking. The ones I went to high school with go on to their studies. They have ambitions. I have the feeling that I could never do what I really like. When I meet someone and they ask me what I live on, I try to change topic. I remain vague. Sometimes I even say I’m a student … Others’ eyes are hard. So I prefer to stay away from people my own age.

A one-year work study program

When I resign and think about the future, my mother hears about the Rocket School, which opens its doors in Lyon, near my home. This establishment offers atypical profiles that can be trained for free on a work-study basis to become a business developer or growth hacker. Me, these job titles in English do not speak to me. When I read their missions, I’m not sure I fully understand what it’s made of.

I do research on the internet and discover that the profession of business developer, close to sales, is likely to interest me. The experiences I had in trading had pleased me for one reason: customer contact.

I apply and say to myself that I definitely would not have the level to get the diploma because I did not finish my schooling, but that it will always be an experience. Deep inside me, I also hope to finally be able to touch what would allow me to flourish. After a selection phase based on motivation, personality and soft skills, I learn that I have been selected!

The school puts me in touch with several companies seeking work-study contracts. I finally join Yopbox, a start-up that develops a tool for writing, recording and editing their own videos. It then consists of two people who are looking for an autodidact profile.

regain confidence

I start the education with three intensive months in school. Every day we perform challenges for partner companies. It’s not too academic, the lessons are more based on practice, that’s exactly what I’m looking for!

Then I spend four days at work and one at school, with occasionally whole weeks of teaching. I really thrive. At the end of my work-study year, in early 2021, my supervisor offered me to stay on a permanent contract. Of course I accept! My missions are varied: I manage the marketing part, I participate in building the site, I look for new customers …

Following this education gave me back my confidence and united me with the school. For the first time, I feel good about what I do. I tell myself that one day I might even continue my studies and do a master’s degree, something I had never imagined after high school!

I do not regret my two and a half years of work that preceded my work study program. It makes me realize how lucky I am today to do what I love. Being behind a computer all day is much more comfortable and easy than many so-called physical occupations. If one day I have to work with people who have these positions, I will try to bring them the care they deserve and which they do not always have. »

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