how to care for the body?

A luxury car embodies beauty and expertise, it is also a very functional and expensive vehicle. Given the value of this little gem, it is important to protect the body well.

Luxury car: how to take care of the body?

The body of a car, whether it is luxury or just “normal”, plays a big role in the design of the vehicle. It is therefore important to be able to protect it from bad weather or even from certain shocks. Various solutions are available to help you fit the body of your luxury car. Find out what you need to do to keep your car’s body in good condition.

The protective cover to preserve the body of your little gem

Given the price of your luxury car, it makes sense to want to protect her against different weather and other threats. Protective covers are a great way to protect your vehicle from outside elements, scratches and dirt. Today, the supply is very varied and it can be difficult to know which ones really work. To avoid making mistakes and getting lost in the amount of offers, consider certain criteria: it is also possible to choose the color of its protective cover to match the color of your premium car.

The choice and use of the cover to protect your luxury vehicle

You ought to determine the type of protection you need for your luxury car. If you keep your vehicle in a garage, you do not really need a cover that protects it from dust. In this case, look for a tightly woven cover that prevents dust particles from passing through the material. However, you should look for lightweight and breathable materials. Even if your car is kept indoors, it is still possible for moisture to accumulate under the cover. If this phenomenon occurs, it can lead to the development of mold or fungus, which degrades the body, in addition to being bad for your health.

Instead, a cover made of a breathable material prevents moisture from building upwhich will limit the spread of fungi.

If you plan to leave your car outside most of the time, you will need something a little heavier. You must then make your choice according to the geographical area, and thus the climate, of your residence.

car protective cover

The type of protection

You should be aware that not all car covers protect your vehicle from rain or water. So to understand what type of cover you should look for, you must first understand the difference between the terms “waterproof” and “waterproof”. Water-repellent substances prevent water from entering your car for a certain time. These types of materials are suitable when the rain is rare and not abundant. But if it rains a lot where you live, use a rain cover. These materials ensure that water does not penetrate, even when it begins to accumulate in a specific area.

Size compatibility

The choice of your protective cover should take into account the dimensions offered by each of the brands. It must therefore be taken into account what types of vehicles these coatings can be used with.

The safety of the protective cover

You should observe how the car cover can be attached around or under your luxury car. This will tell you if it can easily withstand the wind.

The durability of vehicle protection equipment

Analyze the material the covers are made of. This allows you to see how well they are capable of it withstand continuous exposure to the elements or other environmental factors.

Regular cleaning of your body

First of all, in order to perform an accurate and professional car wash, it is necessary to distinguish the different types of dirt on the surface of the vehicle. In case of stubborn dirt, it is advisable to use a professional washing machine or a washing station.

A luxury car gets dirty depending on how it is used, the season and where it is parked. Also, different sides of the car collect different types of dirt. The front, for example, is usually the dirtiest and is marred by bugs and other things you accidentally hit while driving the car. To clean the car properly, it is therefore necessary to use specific products and techniques depending on dirt. However, you should know that washing your vehicle on the street exposes you to fines in accordance with the rules of the health authorities.

In addition, the efficient cleaning of your luxury car plays a big role in ensuring the durability of your body. A smooth, clean surface also makes it harder for dirt to stick, which slides across. The first step in a good luxury car cleaning is just that softens all dirt by treating them with a neutral detergent. Once softened, remove dirt from the car body by rinsing it, always starting from the top of the car and down. After washing, a lot of water, preferably lime-free water, must be used to remove residues of chemical agents on the body.

The most traditional method of removing resin from paint is to use very hot water and a sponge. You need to be patient enough to make multiple applications so that the resin is dissolved by the heat and then removed with the sponge. There are also products on the market specifically designed for dissolve crusts and resins. They must be used with care and by carefully following the instructions on the packaging.

Regularly polish the body of your luxury car

Polishing removes flaws and imperfections and restores shine to body color. The main causes of body discoloration are harsh weather conditions, such as sun and rain. Over time, UV rays and the particles of corrosive materials contained in the rain make the luxury car’s body dull and dull.

body maintenance

Polishing thus allows eliminate damage above the surface or the outer, transparent layer of the body. However, it can not remove damage that has already reached the second coat of paint.

The following imperfections can be solved with quality polishing:

  • damage caused by atmospheric substances,
  • stains caused by water (limestone) or bird droppings,
  • oxidation,
  • small scratches and superficial cuts,
  • the marks from the pebbles that very often hit our cars.

Professional polishing begins with protecting all unpainted plastic parts, such as headlights and seals, with duct tape. Polishing can be done by hand or using a polishing machine equipped with a soft rubber pad.

First, an abrasive paste is used to remove scratches from the surface and all defects and marks that can be removed. The second step is polishing. This is done by vigorously applying polish or polishing wax on all painted surfaces. This can be done either using the polishing machine or with new cotton if this operation is performed by hand.

The main effect of polishing your luxury car is to remove the top coat of paint. It is truly a layer that is constantly exposed to attack from external elements. Depending on the nature and extent of the scratch, it is important to use the correct type of polish. To do this, therefore, make sure to protect the plastic parts of the vehicle as well as the gaskets and headlights. If you do it right and with the right polishing, you can make your luxury car look practically like new again.

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