how Emmanuel Macron controls his majority, clan leadership style

The majority way stems. In his second five-year term, Emmanuel Macron wants to consolidate his galaxy of support and political relay. Over the past five years, the President of the Republic has set out to form alliances with other political forces, such as MoDem or Agir, and has sucked some of the currents to the right and left. Goals reached.

Five years later, the political restructuring launched in 2017 has resulted in the fragmentation of the Republicans and the Socialist Partyboth victims of an existential crisis.

For macronie, this has resulted in a host of satellites orbiting Emmanuel Macron. Parties, movements, groups, allies, supporters … “and at the same time” the philosophy of the head of state has given rise to several forms of macronism. With the advent of parliamentary elections, the question of their sustainability arises. Comet effect or expanding constellation?

A big party? Thanks but no thanks

With you ? Emmanuel Macron’s slogan during the election campaign could just as well turn to his supporters in the political sphere. 2022 will not only mark the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, but above all the regrouping under the same banner of all shades of macronism. Translation: a big single party.

First step, not to mention an obstacle to the Macronists’ agreement: the parliamentary elections. Coalition? pact? The weight of words shows the electricity that prevails in macronie, especially on the side of Edouard Philippe’s party, Horizons. If in theory, the idea makes it possible to simplify the organization of the majority with a grouping of ideas and forces, in practice, the chairman collides with the wishes of the personalities behind the parties.

And to respond to the clans starting to position themselves for the June 12 and 19 vote, a LaREM MP would like to point out that “the president was largely elected on his own”. “The most important thing is that he did it. Has anyone brought anything significant to his campaign? No one weighs much“, He decides.

Bayrou and Philippe want to stand out

A way of remembering the hierarchy that prevails in macronie. This does not mean that this single-party project does not fall in François Bayrou’s liking. At the head of the MoDem Chapel, this close friend of Emmanuel Macron’s wants to retain his influence with his party, the group in the Assembly, and the President of the Republic.

This is where his interest diverges from that of the Presidential Party. According to a minister, quoted by Opinion, the fear of the Élysée is that we go from three to seven groups. But it would be complicated to support a group that would go from Christian Estrosi to François Rebsamen ”.

Same reluctance for Edouard Philippe, who has seen his appetite grow since the night of Emmanuel Macron’s re-election. The former prime minister wants to form a group in the National Assembly to consolidate his party, Horizons. He thus needs an agreement with LaREM for the parliamentary elections, but without interfering in the presidential party. For his part, Emmanuel Macron prefers not to leave too much amplitude to the mayor of Le Havre to free himself from macaroni.

Reconciliation on the horizon?

An LREM deputy believes that this large fanciful party should allow “to expand the majority”. “If we give them (to selected Horizons, editor’s note) what we have is a distribution. Not an extension, ”he adds.

According to another elected En Marche, also a supporter of enlargement, “if it is to share a cake of outgoing elected officials who will fall … What is the point? We will go straight to arm struggle. PS and LR are dead It’s here , it requires pick up rides to win“, With the support of Emmanuel Macron.

“The consequences must stop talking to each other”, advocates for a chosen macronist who sees tensions gradually anchoring between all the clans. To remedy this, several representatives of the majority’s various components met on the evening of 1 May in the Élysée. A clear goal has been defined: negotiate investment in parliamentary electionsas indicated by the entourage of several participants to AFP.

President LaREM of the National Assembly Richard FerrandEdouard Philippe and the Minister of Relations with Parliament, MoDem Marc Fesneau participated in particular in this multilateral meeting. One of the participants explained to AFP that a first list of nominations of legislative candidates should be published. “mid-week” before another “at the end of the week”. Coalition or absorption, we still have to wait a few days to know the answer.

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