Hikerpower: a backpack that acts as a 1000W portable power station

If you are a fan of hiking or trekking, you must have already encountered problems charging your laptop and we had already explained to you that it was possible to charge your smartphone without power. But in a few months, a new, much more efficient alternative can be added to the range of solutions! Hikerpower is a backpack that looks like a SLR camera, but without a lens. Neither a camera nor a backpack, but actually a power station to have on your back that could allow you to charge your smartphone of course, but also your electric bike. A power plant to have on your back, but which can still be used as a backpack. Hiperpower is currently campaigning on Kickstarter and enjoying phenomenal success. But why?

The concept in detail

In this shell backpack there is actually a huge 600 Wh battery that is capable of producing 1000 W of power, making this item an important ally for your hiking, camping trip or even long electric bike rides. Of course with the power of this batteryyou can charge all your devices, from your smartphone to your electric bike via your flashlight or headphones! A few years ago, a simple backup battery could do the trick. Today, our needs have exploded: almost anything can be recharged and we need adequate equipment.

A battery backpack
Photo credit: Hikerpower

A real portable battery

Hikerpower aims to be the first real portable battery that gives you third generation energy dependence. The originality lies in the fact that the backpack is a real powerhouse which has a network and backup power. The machine still weighs 8.2 kilos, the weight of a “full” backpack, and has its own 600 Wh battery tucked inside its rigid shell. So it can provide 600Wh and 1000W stable power. To access the battery, simply open the top cover, which also features an integrated LED light. You then have the choice between mother ports, AC or DC connectors, a cigarette lighter socket, a USB-C port, 3 USB-A ports and an LCD screen that shows you the remaining energy level. To recharge the Hikerpower, simply plug it into either an electrical outlet or solar panels.

Hiking power for what?

Clearly, this high-tech device can be used to charge your smartphone for a week without access to electricity, but it is also intended for those who need more intense energy dependence. It could therefore be drone users, wildlife photographers hiding for hours, or even cyclists who may need to recharge their bike batteries. It can also be used at home to recharge a lawn mower or use an electric plancha during an outdoor meal. It can transmit up to 2000W, so even power-hungry appliances like kettles can use it.

a backpack for powering appliances
Photo credit: Hikerpower
battery backup backpack
Photo credit: Hikerpower

How much does Hikerpower cost?

The backpack comes with safety lights that illuminate red, yellow, blue and green, and even lets you activate 3 flashing modes used to warn other cyclists. It can also act as an SOS emergency signal. It is waterproof, but in case of heavy rain it is advisable to put it in the supplied waterproof cover. This revolutionary backpack has already won over thousands of contestants on KickstarterIt is pre-order at a price of 662 € instead of € 1137, sale price after June 11, 2022 … Given the success of this campaign, the chances of receiving this backpack by the scheduled date, next September, are great; More than $ 215,000 on a goal of 10,000 in the beginning!

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