Hi Business: here is the banking offer from Hello bank! cut for self-employed starting

In May 2021, Hello bank! launched a new banking offer for the self-employed: Hello Business. This is aimed at self-employed entrepreneurs, while keeping the DNA from the Hello bank! which has given him his success with individuals.

You are probably familiar with Hello bank !, 100% online offer from BNP Paribas. The bank, which has already been well established for several years in the online banking landscape, shows one of the best offers on the market. After conquering individuals, Hello bank! is now aimed at self-employed professionals with Hello Business, a low-cost, tailor-made banking offer.

The Hello Business offer shares many benefits with Hello bank! (flexibility with bank cards, modern application) while integrating services and benefits specifically for professionals. It also has the advantage that it offers an attractive price of 10.90 euros excluding VAT per month to self-employed professionals, who will be able to benefit from an offer designed specifically for them and at very low cost.

An offer tailored for the self-employed

Professionals and the self-employed do not have the same needs when it comes to banking offerings. This is something like Hi bank! fully considered when designing Hello Business. This offer includes everything freelancers need to accomplish their missions.

One of the most useful features is the overdraft of 1,550 euros included in Hello Business. It’s actually aboutan automatic overdraft facility of 1,550 euros. This is a significant asset to compensate for unpaid missions or unforeseen events without affecting professional activity.

Hi Business: here is the banking offer from Hello bank!  cut for self-employed starting

The insurance included in the Hello Business offer is also suitable for the professional world. Among all the guarantees offered, we find in particular legal assistance which you can consult during a dispute with a customer or a supplier. You will thus be well equipped against bad payers.

Hello Business also includes various benefits that can also be found in their offers to individuals, such as:

  • the ability to redeem checks and cash at BNP Pariba’s ATMs
  • free and unlimited SEPA transfers as well as international transfers (excluding exchange fees)

Finally, like the offer to private individuals, Hello Business charges very few fees to its customers. Account maintenance fees, movement commissions and termination fees are set at 0 euros.

A bank card as advantageous as that of private individuals

If Hello bank! intended for individuals is so interesting, it is especially thanks to the included bank card. With Hello Business, online banking offers a bank card on the same line.

The biggest advantage of the debit card included in the Hello Business offer is the possibility of use it anywhere in the world without having to pay fees. This is a VISA card that you can use for international payments and withdrawals. Hey bank! does not charge fees, even for transactions conducted in foreign currency.

Hi Business: here is the banking offer from Hello bank!  cut for self-employed starting

This debit card – with a choice between instant or deferred debit – works with the Hello bank! Mobile application. That is, you can trade directly on it without the need for a teleconsultant, and therefore without paying fees. You can thus block and unlock the card, change the limits, enable or disable online payments directly from the application. It also has the advantage show in real time the operations performed by the map. So you do not have to wait until Monday to find out the status of your account after spending the weekend.

Service for professionals

In addition to traditional services, Hello Business also offers other features that do not have much to do with a bank, but which are very convenient.

Online banking includes the My Business Assistant Start service for free, a very useful tool for self-employed professionals. This service allows you to generate quotes, invoices or credit notes, but also to manage a database of your customers, products and services offered. The tool even offers an overview of your activity thanks to the various invoices issued with the calculation of VAT and cash flow forecasts.

Hi Business: here is the banking offer from Hello bank!  cut for self-employed starting

Finally, if your activity requires a payment terminal, Hello bank! has entered into a collaboration with the company Lyf which is very beneficial for Hi Business users. In fact, the Lyf Pro collection solution with payment terminal costs less for online banking users. The commission that Lyf charges falls to 1.35% including tax, compared to 1.60% excluding tax normally. It is a great boost to develop a business activity.

Hello Business: all services at a single price of 10.90 euros excluding tax per. month

By adopting the DNA of the Hello bank! Offer, Hello Business offers an advantageous banking offer adapted to self-employed professionals. It includes updated services, both in terms of the bank card and the mobile application. Finally, it shows an attractive price considering the features it offers.

In fact, Hello Business is offered at 10.90 euros excluding tax per month. The offer is reserved for over 18-year-olds residing in France who carry out a micro-entrepreneurial activity, a liberal profession or the owners of a sole proprietorship.

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