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Before activation My health room », the new interactive digital health journal available on, you may be wondering about the protection of medical confidentiality, the level of confidentiality of the data stored there, and whether other people can access it. You have complete control over the access to your documents, it is you who gives the healthcare staff permission to consult them if you wish. make the point.

My Health Room is a personal digital room that looks like a “safe” where all your health documents are stored. You only select the professionals you give permission to access these documents. In addition, these healthcare professionals will only have access to the documents that pertain to them, according to an authorization grid that carefully defines this consultation of your documents.

Activating your account and data security

To activate your account, enter the temporary code you received, your social security number and the serial number on your Vitale card. For each subsequent connection, you must enter a unique password received via email or SMS, in addition to your username and password.

The information stored in My health room » is hosted in France and secured by a set of technical guarantees:

  • design and hosting in a certified health data hosting environment (HDS);
  • support from the National Information System Security Agency (ANSSI);
  • certification of the My Health Space product in the General Safety Guidelines (RGS).

Keep track of your data

In the “Settings” section, you define the access to your data that you want and you decide which healthcare professionals can consult them. You can block and unblock a specific professional. You can hide all your documents, even in case of an emergency: your medical file will only be visible to you and the administrator of your profile if you have selected one.

A document can be hidden from certain healthcare professionals, with the exception of the person who submitted it and the administrator you selected. In all cases all actions performed by someone other than you are visible in the activity history and will notify you by email.

Differentiated access by health professionals

Healthcare professionals are only allowed to consult the documents that are useful for their specialty and necessary for the care of their patient.

Their access rights are defined by an authorization grid, depending on their profession: a doctor, a nurse, a massage therapist, an ophthalmologist, etc., do not have access to the same types of documents in your room.

Healthcare professionals authorized by the user can:

  • access documents from My health room » according to their specialty and in accordance with the approval form;
  • submit useful documents and information to coordinate the treatment of their patient;
  • delete a document of which they are the author and, at the request of the patient, conceal a document of which they are the author;
  • consult or add a vaccination;
  • and finally see the “Entourage & Volontes” section.

Configure emergency access

For emergencies, 2 situations are taken into account in the parameters that you need to set in advance:

  • you indicate whether you authorize the regulatory physician at Samu-Center 15 to consult your data during an emergency call concerning you;
  • you indicate whether you give other healthcare professionals permission to consult your documents if your condition poses an immediate risk to your health.

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