Google My Business and Local SEO: How Do I Stand Out With Google’s Local SEO Tool?

It’s the new darling among real estate marketing professionals: Google My Business. These famous “profiles” of companies appear on Google Maps and are highlighted during searches with a local connotation. A promise of visibility for local traders that real estate agents could not miss. We therefore give you a brief overview of the opportunities that Google My Business offers and the possible optimizations.

The idea of ​​this article is to return to the features to be used and to look for original uses of them. I invite you to consult these articles upstream to pay attention to the basics you need to know to attack Google My Business as a real estate agent.

GMB features to use and know in 2021

So yes, Google My Business contains a lot of information about your business: activities, schedules, address … But that’s not all. In fact, the Mountain View company has tried to enrich the profiles on its platform, always with the idea of ​​delivering the most relevant content to internet users as quickly as possible.

The ability to view customer reviews

Google My Business allows customers to submit customer reviews and professionals to view them. This is definitely the most popular feature in the real estate market. The idea is to make your service quality visible from the search engine results page.

Possibility of distribution of publications

For some time now, Google My Business has been allowing its users to post. In short, textual content that makes it possible to convey information. The big advantage is that the distribution of content is geolocated … and once again the content on the search engine is highlighted.

CTA buttons

The owner of a Google My Business listing can include the call to action of their choice on it, thus encouraging the user to perform a specific action. “Make an appointment”, “Book a visit”, “Request an estimate” … The possibilities are innumerable and will depend on what you want to highlight via your file.

Product and service functions

The “Products” or “Services” features allow you to highlight the products or services you offer. As part of a real estate agency, it is a good lever to improve your differentiating services and the ones you book for exclusive.

Some cool and quirky ideas for using GMB features

Now that we’ve told you about the features that you “absolutely must know”, we’ll try to move on. Original, differentiating and innovative ways to use the tools you have available … Basically we do it with Immo2 touch. 😉

Show ads directly as a posting

Some real estate agents use the lookup feature to display their listings directly on their Google My Business listing. An interesting practice for improving certain star properties in their portfolio of mandates. At the same time, it is a strong argument for the seller.

Highlight its catchment area by making “ads” at the interest centers in your locality

Using posts to show ads is a pretty interesting growth hack in terms of visibility. But is it not possible to combine this with a differentiating local awareness campaign? So yes. To do this, we will seek to strengthen the interest centers in the locality where we are. Monuments, parks, extraordinary sites … create ads for these “centers of interest” that promote your site and distribute them through the publishing tool. The idea is to attract the eye of the internet user, to differentiate yourself.

Offer virtual tours of your agency directly through CTAs

If the idea of ​​Google My Business CTAs is to engage the user with your brand as quickly as possible, it is possible to go even further. Offer a “virtual tour” of your agency directly from these call-to-action buttons.

The top would be to integrate a link to make an appointment directly in your virtual visit (some virtual visit providers allow you to integrate links in the performance).

Offer the virtual tour of the ads you submit through the publishing tool

You can also add a link to a virtual tour of an ad that you submit through the Publishing Tool. In this way, you provide an instant and frictionless experience.

The idea of ​​distributing the ads, and their virtual visits, directly through Google My Business publications is not so much to make contact with the ad as to generate traffic by offering an interactive experience and arousing interest.

Highlight customer reviews via the publication features

All professionals communicate about their mandates … but too few take the time to communicate about their brand image and their successes. Why not differentiate yourself by playing on the highlight of your customer reviews directly through the Google My Business publishing tools? For more inspiration to appreciate your customer reviews, we have a great article on the subject.

What are the implications for Google My Business?

According to Google announcements, it looks like the company wants to continue developing Google My Business proactively. The company has set up an advertising system in US territory. Services that make it possible to go up in the search results and highlight an appointment online. Currently, there are only a few professions (especially hairdressing and beauty salons). Many SEO specialists expect to see this paid advertising system land within a year or two for real estate agents across the Atlantic, but also here.

So beware: If Google My Business is free today, in the long run it may become mandatory to pay to be truly visible on the platform.

Another possible follow-up: the total integration of Google My Business into Google Maps and the transformation of the mapping tool into a kind of social proto-network. In fact, publications, comments, and customer reviews are elements that create interactions, arouse interest … and data. We know that Google has been searching for its own social network for years (RIP Google+), and its Google Maps service could very well be the Trojan horse it was looking for to impose an element of the genre.

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