Fashion parades in the meta-verse – A fashion week 3.0 at Decentraland

Style in the meta verse! – From Dolce & Gabbana to Tommy Hilfiger, fashion companies are increasingly turning to the meta-verse in Decentraland. Thus big brands can interact with new consumers in this virtual experience. Last weekend, Decentraland hosted Metaverse Fashion Week. This four-day event featured parades on virtual runways. A number of traditional luxury brands and digital brands participated, including Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Tommy Hilfiger, Estée Lauder and Elie Saab.

Dolce & Gabbana and Etro open pop-up stores

The digital fashion houses Auroboros, DressX and republiqe have opened shops in metaverse fashion districts. In New York Fashion Week, events can take place in different parts of the city. It’s a bit the same for Decentralands MVFW, which materialized in different neighborhoods from the meta-verse.

Dolce & Gabana revealed 20 outfits metaverse outfits that they have designed especially for Metaverse Fashion Week. The brand used cat face avatars to showcase the collection. After the show, the complete collection became visible in one pop-up shop Dolce & Gabbana in the fashion district Decentraland. UNXD, along with Vogue Arabia Decentraland, were the main partners in this event.

Recently, D&G sold a number of NFTs for approx 6 mio dollars as part of a collection created with UNXD. D & G’s next step into the metaverse is the launch of the DGFamily community. DGFamily NFT holders will receive air droplets from this MVFW collection.

Etro, on the other hand, decided to present a real world collection for its first fashion show in the meta-verse. baptized “Floating Paisley”the collection consists of ready-to-wear outfits worn by 20 meta-mannequins and celebrates one of the fashion house’s signature prints. It also includes a variety of accessories. Yes, bags, hats and shoes are there too. Also in collaboration with UNXD, Etro has set up a pop-up store inUNXD Luxury District full of other designer stores.

The Etro brand launches in the Decentraland meta-verse for fashion week.

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Two other Italian brands, Hogan and Giuseppe Zanotti, have been launched NFT collections to the apartment. In collaboration with Exclusible, Hogan launched the NFT collection “Untraditional” from the very first sneaker of the brand. They also set up a pop-up store in Decentraland during the event.

Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti has also launched a series of NFT sneakers for MVFW. This collaboration with DeadFellaz called “COBRAS” came out in Limited Edition only digitally. Deadfellaz also offers clothing through the Boson protocol that matches COBRAS.

The metaverse fashion house republiqe is also in the game. It has teamed up with the Monnier platform to launch one accessories store in the fashion district of Decentraland. The American brand COACH was present in the store to transform a physical item into an NFT accessory. In fact, republiqe COACH helped create its very first handbag, the NFT “Pillow Tabby Shoulder”.

Republiqe Clothing showcases its NFT fashion designs on the Decentraland meta-verse
Republiqe in collaboration with Monnier for Metaverse Fashion Week – Source: Twitter

In addition, republiqe is presented five clothes tailored to its store. The brand has also worked with other designers, including Axel Arigato, Ester Manas, Wandler and Osoi. The brand’s virtual store allows Decentraland users to enter, view and buy all clothing.

Fashion NFTs are clearly a big trend as more mainstream designers launch NFT collections in the meta verse this year. Just like fashionistaer are increasingly using NFTs to express their style on web3 platforms, and in the real world, the future of digital fashion is likely to be favorable to those who have the benefit of arriving first. It’s therefore over for ugly sweaters on Decentraland!

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