Cegedim e-business supports EDF in the digital transformation of its accounting chain

80% of the invoices supplier is now completely dematerialized thanks to the solution SY by Cegedim

Boulogne-Billancourt, that 3 able to 2022 – Major player in digitization and process automation BtoB In Europe, Cegedim e-business accompanied EDF page 5 years on all questions related to the dematerialization of incoming invoices. that USbetween Sservices Pdivided Financial Accounting Advice by EDF (CSP2C) wanted a solution that would allow him to make the invoice processing chain more reliable while increasing it its productivity.
The solution SY by Cegedim responded in all respects to these Goal.

Since 2017, the Cegedim e-business teams and the CSP2C teams have worked together to meet EDF’s needs as precisely as possible with the main limitations: the ability to dematerialize all types of invoices as well as the harmonized and systematic control of these regardless of the receiving channel (EDI, portal , paper).

EDF now receives almost 750,000 invoices with orders per year in electronic or paper form. The processing of these invoices, which is carried out exclusively by Cegedim e-business, consists of the receipt of the invoices, their processing, their digitization, data extraction, dematerialisation and archiving.

In total, 80% of CSP2C invoices are now completely dematerialized. It is now a matter for Cegedim e-business to ensure, together with EDF, the integration of suppliers who are still on a paper invoicing system with the target of mid-2024, the date of application of the 2021 Finance Act.

“We chose Cegedim e-business because of its ability to cover almost all of our needs with its standard offering. In addition, the strength of its network has proven to be a crucial facilitator for the implementation of dematerialisation at our suppliers, ”emphasizes Michel Castel, Deputy Director of EDF’s Accounting CSP.

“We are very proud to support EDF in this strategic project for the accounting and finance departments. Our partnership has developed over the years with especially ongoing co-innovation projects on managing the supplier file, which makes supplier data more reliable and reduces the risk of fraud “, adds Bruno Ruffié, VP Global Sales, at Cegedim. e-business.

About Cegedim e-business:

Cegedim e-business is one of the leaders in the digitization and automation of BtoB processes in Europe, with more than 900 million flows processed per year and 2,000,000 companies connected worldwide. With its SY by Cegedim service offering, it supports businesses of all sizes and in all sectors of activity in their digital transformation by relying on a set of unique e-procurement, e-invoicing, e-archiving and e-signing.
As a member of the PEPPOL and EESPA European networks, Cegedim e-business operates a multi-channel electronic exchange platform, which processes all types of documents, from contract to payment, and thus streamlines customer-supplier relationships, as well as significant gains in administrative efficiency, cash flow and traceability.
For more information: www.sybycegedim.com
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About Cegedim:

Founded in 1969, Cegedim is an innovative technology and service group specializing in managing digital flows in healthcare and the BtoB ecosystem, as well as designing business software for healthcare and insurance professionals. Cegedim has more than 5,600 employees in more than 10 countries and achieved a turnover of 525 million euros in 2021.
Cegedim SA is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (EURONEXT: CGM).

For more information: www.cegedim.fr

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