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For all lovers of beautiful cars, find all the great car brands built by human intelligence. If you are still looking for your dream car, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips and selection criteria to choose the right luxury car.

Rolls Royce

Top 10 luxury brands

ONE luxury vehicle easily recognized on its beautiful body and its price. The tendency is to believe that a car luxurious is reserved only for the more affluent. Anyway Car manufacturers have developed their offerings over time. Some cars luxury is not does not Dear on the market of sales car high range and are available to the public (see here to know all about free argus rating ). Nonetheless prestige vehicles can cost up to a few million euros.

  • Rolls-Royce cars: This is the first reference in luxury car. It will be launched in the year 2016 and will be SUV the most expensive in the world. This large sedan luxury comes from the British manufacturer. She offers you the best with her new series of Rolls Royce Phantom. Its price may exceed € 500,000.
  • Lamborghini : A Lamborghini is a prestigious sports car (for other models: luxury car brand). Purchased in 1998 by the BMW Group, it can compete with Ferrari and Maserati. With just € 180,000 you can already drive a Lamborghini Huracan. On the other hand, for an Aventador, you need to spend no less than € 340,000.
  • Ferrari: Ferrari is one luxury car which combines its image well with its performance. Thanks to that sportsmanship, it becomes a competitor to Lamborghini. Nevertheless, it is quite inaccessible to everyone from a point of view of the price, which can cost in the $ 70 million the most expensive.
  • Bugatti: In 2020, the Bugatti will break the record for the fastest car in the world. It costs about 2.5 million euros.
  • Bentley: She is one of the most big brands of cars prestigious in world of the car. Bentley offers a wide range of sedan and of SUV sumptuous apartments available for only € 200,000.
  • Aston Martin: The English brand Aston Martin corresponds to race cars race. It combines luxury and speed in the same machine.
  • Maserati: It is a subsidiary of an Italian car manufacturer of the Stellantis group. Maserati specializes in car sales luxurious sportswear, ideal for racing. This Racing car is available for only 100,000 euros.
  • Porsche: is a prestige car from the German carmaker. porsche cayenneThe Porsche 911 is among them though Porsche 911 is the most fashionable model.
  • Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz is a perfect marriage between luxury and performance. He is a car manufacturer premium, sports car and luxury vehicle : convertible, sedancut, SUVetc. It Mercedes class S is the most beautiful, costs about 100,000 euros and more.
  • Lotus cars: These cars are manufactured by the American manufacturer. They are luxury cars both light and efficient. The special thing is that Lotus Cars combines aerodynamics and lightness to offer you compact sports models.

The most beautiful

Porsche 911 and Mercedes class S considered as most prestigious. On the other hand, it is according to the choice of the most beautiful car of the year 2021 Mercedes GLA who wins ahead of Mazda MX-30 and Opel Mokka-e.


Which one to choose?

It’s not enough to take one beautiful car. It is necessary to evaluate its power (gear, mileageetc.), dens body (rims, engines, etc.). It all depends on how you use it and your budget. You can attend a showroom before choosing one of these cars.

3 tips before buying a luxury car

It is important to be well informed before choosing yours luxury car.

Choose your model well

The selection is very wide. You have the choice between several brands (mercedes, Volvo…) but for those who love luxury, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, caterham seven Where Lamborghini Gallardo, … is waiting for you. Then choose the model (convertible, sedan, etc.) Luxury cars require very high maintenance, so do not pay more than you can afford.

For what use?

For work, to attend important parties such as baptismto your marriage, Up to you ! If it’s for a simple special occasion, you do not have to spend a large budget. You can simply apply to a rental agency to rent a car with a private driver and you are done.

Insure your car

Rate all risks because some cars lose value over time and others vice versa. Do not hesitate to contact your insurance companies.

Collectible or modern, an interesting question

Buying a classic car is a passion story. Ideal for collectors who appreciate prestigious competitions. The difference is that a vintage car tells a story. It stands out for its design and what it has under the bonnet.

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