advisers, experts, politicians … the galaxy orbiting the president

Political history has shown that power isolates. After sitting for a first term of five years, Emmanuel Macron was re-elected on Sunday 24 April to 58.5% according to estimates from Harris Interactive x Toluna for RTL and M6. Marine Le Pen received 41.5% of the vote. The participation rate is 70.6%.

François Bayrou, Richard Ferrand, Jean Castex but also Manuel Valls were present at the Champ de Mars in Paris, the place chosen by Emmanuel Macron for his first speech.

While the president has indicated that Jean Castex and his government will remain in place until May 1, Emmanuel Macron has advisers around him. A small team of relatives, experts, politicians and macronists from the first hour who rule by his side. But who really advises the president?

Alexis Kholer

He was Emmanuel Macron’s campaign manager in 2016. Alexis Kohler has been the president’s right hand man for eight years. Extremely discreethe made the choice to stay away from the media.

This 49-year-old senior official occupies the strategic position of Secretary-General of the Élysée since the beginning of the five-year term. His office occupies an equally strategic place: it occupies the office next to the president. Alexis Kohler handles emergencies, major economic and social issues on a daily basis, but also political, and “keeps the house” when Emmanuel Macron is on the move.

He has been the target of a judicial inquiry since June 2020 regarding his links with the Italian-Swiss shipowner MSC, and of a PNF inquiry opened in June 2021 on suspicion of “influence trading” around the Veolia-Suez merger.

Cabinet: Strzoda, Bonne, Léonarduzzi

Within the Élysée, the closet consists ofabout sixty people. He has been renewed several times since 2017. Some relatives, such as Cabinet Director Patrick Strzoda, make sure the Élysée works smoothly. Others have been integrated into this team for their expertise. They advise Emmanuel Macron on major topics such as security, employment or culture.

Very influential, diplomatic pole includes a dozen diplomats, led by Emmanuel Bonne, the president’s “sherpa” for major international meetings.

Among the advisers closest to Emmanuel Macron is Jonathan Guémas, who is in charge of speaking, Clément Léonarduzzi, who has taken over in communicationand Bruno Roger Petit, a former journalist who oversees memory issues. Finally, Emmanuel Macron can count on a relative in Matignon, his wedding witness: the economist Marc FerracciAdviser in charge of monitoring Jean Castex’s recovery plan.

Politicians: Bayrou, Ferrand, Castaner

The Cabinet is complemented by a political team. They come from the right, center or left and have joined Emmanuel Macron before or since the victory in 2017. Some of them do figure of “grognards” with experience in political strugglelike Francois Bayrou.

Among the other elected officials who came from the “old world” before 2017 is Richard Ferrand who presides over the National Assembly, Christopher Castaner the head of the LREM deputies or the ministers stamped on the right as the economy Mayor Brunoinde Gerald Darmanin and abroad Sebastien Lecornu.

Young government members, such as Clement Beaune, Julien Denormandie and Gabriel Attal, also has a growing influence. Without appearing in public, certain pillars of the 2017 campaign continue to weigh, such as the former adviser David Amiel Where Gregoire Pottonwithout forgetting the deputy LaREM Roland Lescure and the former Deputy Secretary-General of the Élysée Anne of Bayser.

Thierry Solere

political strategist, Thierry Solere already by preparing the legislative campaign. Special adviser to Emmanuel Macron, coming from the right. And the definition he gives privately of his position says a lot about his missions: “On the Élysée, I am there very often, but I have no office. I’m left, right … yes, rather right!“.

In 2016, he has the difficult task of organizing the primary for the right and center. He later became spokesman for François Fillon. He is leaving his post following Le Canard Enchaîné’s revelations about the Fillon case. Thierry Solère, who switched to Emmanuel Macron’s camp after the election, is gradually dismantling his former political family. He had been the main cause of the psychodrama during the PACA regional elections.

The outer sphere: Dumontet, Bern, Borello

On guard against the political “bubble”, Emmanuel Macron also seeks to consult personalities from civilian life, whether in the business world, digital, culture or even sports.

Like Jean-Marc Dumontet, head of several Parisian theaters, the animator Stéphane Bern on the legacy or the head of the social and solidarity economy group Jean-Marc Borello. The family tradition obliges, he also appreciates the exchanges with doctors.

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