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The size of a credit card, Samsung’s new SSD offers lightning-fast data transfer speeds and high reliability. Water and dust resistant, it adapts to all conditions.


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. launches T7 Shield, its new PSSD (Portable Solid State Drive) external storage device. It ensures performance and reliability[1] unique and at the same time benefit from a robust design and a compact format. Samsung’s T7 SSD series also includes the T7, which is ideal for everyday use, with its high data transfer speeds and sleek design, as well as the T7 Touch[2]with fingerprint sensor for optimal data protection.

SSD users and especially creative professionals want products that are durable, high-performance and reliable, with the assurance that their data remains protected even when dropped or exposed to water. said KyuYoung Lee, VP of Memory Brand Product Biz Team at Samsung Electronics. ” The T7 Shield also offers wide compatibility so it can be used on computers, Android smartphones and game consoles.. »

Solidity certified according to the IP65 standard

The T7 Shield is the most powerful PSSD created by Samsung to date. It is therefore an ideal device for content creators on the go or users who travel frequently and want to have their data anywhere, with complete peace of mind. Completely designed by Samsung, the T7 Shield withstands shocks and falls up to three meters[3]. Dust and water resistant, it is IP65 certified[4]. The T7 Shield is also very compact and light and weighs only 98 grams.

Outstanding performance

The T7 Shield offers 1050MB / s read speed and 1000MB / s write speed[5]. These transfer speeds are the fastest available at the moment, based on the USB 3.2 Gen2 standard[6]. It is about twice as fast as its predecessor, the T5, and up to 9.5 times faster than external hard drives (HDDs)[7]which saves valuable time.

The T7 Shield features a new exterior coating and its software has been optimized, helping to ensure smooth performance without overheating, even when transferring a 2TB file. data stably, without performance drops or irregular performance, even when performing continuous, data-intensive tasks such as recording, editing, encoding and reproducing high-definition video.

Wide compatibility and improved security

Samsung T7 Shield can be used with a PC, a Mac, a smartphone (Android) or even a game console[8]. It also offers enhanced security (* AES 256-bit, Advanced Encryption Standard) with hardware encryption. The data thus remains perfectly protected, even in case of loss of the device. Samsung’s Magician software[9] makes it even more convenient to manage the SSD drive.

T7 Shield_All colors


The T7 Shield is available in 1 TB or 2 TB versions, especially on the samsung.com site. It is available in beige, black and blue. It comes with a USB and USB Type-C cable and is guaranteed for 3 years.

[1] The T7 Shield maintains a sequential write speed of over 900MB / s with the 1TB model and 1000MB / s with the 2TB model at room temperature (25 ℃).

[2] CES 2020 Innovation Awards

[3] The drip test was performed under controlled conditions. The fall resistance may vary depending on the actual environmental conditions. Fall damage is not covered by the warranty.

* Test conditions: the device was dropped in free fall on a metal plate from a height of 3 meters

[4] IP (Ingress Protection) classifications define the degrees of protection that mechanical enclosures and electrical enclosures provide against water and dust. The T7 Shield has an IP65 rating based on internal tests performed under controlled conditions. The water and dust resistance can vary depending on the actual environmental conditions. Damage caused by liquids and dust is not covered by the warranty.

** IPX5 test conditions: The device was exposed to fresh water sprayed from a jet (Φ6.3 mm) 3 meters away at 12.5 l / min for 3 minutes.

** IP6X test conditions: the unit was exposed to 2 kg / m³ of active dust with a pressure of less than 2 kPa for 8 hours in a vacuum chamber.

[5] Test system configuration: ASUS Z270 ROG MAXIMUS IX HERO (USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C), Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20 GHz, OS Windows 10 19H2

[6] USB 3.2 Gen2 is the standard protocol offered on most consumer and business laptops. The throughput is limited by the device ports, not the SSD. Performance may vary depending on the host configuration. To achieve the maximum read / write speeds of 1050/1000 MB / s respectively, the host device and the connection cables must support the USB 3.2 Gen2 protocol and the UASP mode must be enabled.

[7] Based on internal test results compared to Samsung 1TB External HDD (HX-MTD10EA).

[8] Compatibility with host devices may vary. Some operating systems may require reformatting of the T7 Shield.
The list of compatible devices is available at https://samsung.com/samsungssd

[9] For more information, see https://semiconductor.samsung.com/consumer-storage/magician

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