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The municipalities' future premises and coworking space will be created in 2023.
The municipalities’ future premises and coworking space will be created in 2023. (© L’Eclaireur-La Dépêche)

the old Unifiltr ‘factory as a future headquarters of the community of municipalities in 4 Rivièresbut also as training room and of coworking, it is done. IN 2023it becomes concrete at Gournay-en-Bray.

An interior area of ​​1,120 m², 9,000 m² land in total, 50 parking spaces, easy access to the entrance to the city, the former premises of Unifiltr ‘have many assets for the project desired for the future headquarters of the community of municipalities 4 Rivières.

A space that willimprove that working conditions from officers.

The community services now spread across Forges and Gournay will find themselves gathered in one place as well as the administrative services in Sieom.

“A welcome from the public worthy of the name”

Another advantage and not least for the users: the reinforcement of one Homepage “worthy of the name” for audience. The front of the building and the ground floor will be reserved for this purpose.

That disabled can easily access it. Eager to offer local services to residents:

emergency rooms, eg for home help, home improvement or energy space, are planned.

Erik PicardPresident of the Community 4 Rivières

No worries about parking. A parking space with 50 spaces is available on the plot.

Videos: currently on Actu

Upstairs there will be offices reserved for the various departments and meeting room.

Coworking and training room

The other part of the building, ie 350 m2, is converted into training room and coworking.

It is planned at least 8 offices that can be rented for the year or for half a day. Rental reserved for companies, individuals, associations, liberal professions or educational organizations.

The rooms will be soundproofed and equipped with computer and video conferencing equipment. They can accommodate up to 50 people.

Associations, especially sports associations, can also arrange arbitration or other training. And thus avoid sometimes very expensive travel costs.

Erik Picard

With this equipment, the chairman of the community of municipalities in 4 Rivières, Eric Picard, wants to fill a gap in the territory.

This will make it possible to offer residents an equipped space close to their home for remote work. But also to participate in training organized by Pôle Emploi, MFR, associations for integration and return to work or organizations in the region.

“Getting back in the saddle or retraining”

A “structuring” project that is close to his heart. As early as 2017, when this file was in its infancy, Eric Picard explained: “For me, this gym can be the starting point for the renewal of Gournay and the surrounding area. Many people want to work, and I also believe in another chance- This future training center will make it possible to get back in the saddle or to retrain ”.

Modular innovative architectures

From the outside, the old factory will not undergo any transformation. “We wanted to keep this industrial identity,” explains Eric Picard. In return, the coworking and training room will undergo a high-tech interior.

“The architects found it interesting to integrate an included structure. There will be flexible seats. Visually, they will give the effect of boxes stacked on top of each other, ”explains the chosen one. The mezzanine will also have offices and

informal workstations and social spaces. We are considering setting up a joint library.

The former Unifiltr ‘building also has other benefits such as a concrete floor that “allows industrial training in the future with the integration of machinery”.

Another advantage, the structure can be opened on either side of the building and allows to create “a third place”.

Outdoor cabins provide the opportunity to work outdoors. All in the continuity of the interior design designed with vegetation.

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